[Elgg 1.8-1.12 & 2.X: iZAP Videos - revised edition by iionly] v2.3.6

Release Notes

  • Fix: correct usage of 'DESC' constant with apostrophes in function calls instead of without as this would fail otherwise on future versions of PHP (deprecation warning),
  • New plugin option to enable / disable the sidebar menu entries of izapVideos ("Recently viewed videos" etc.).
  • How to activate the add - on command by using a shared hosting server

  • My guess is that you refer to the conversion command for on-site videos (=videos to be uploaded to the server the Elgg site is running on) when asking about "add - on command", right?

    It's necessary that the ffmpeg package is installed on the server to be able to host on-site videos. With ffmpeg the uploaded videos get converted (with the command parameters defined in the iZAP Videos plugin settings) to save the video in a suitable format for html5 video playback.

    If ffmpeg is not installed on the server, you can't have on-site videos on your site. Ask your webhoster if ffmpeg is installed and if this is the case, ask for the path where the ffmpeg executable lies. On a shared server you won't be able to install ffmpeg yourself, so either it's available or you would have to look for another hoster. There's no other way to provide on-site videos.

  • hello

    i get API key from google (Youtube data API). I enter it in settings API key field. But when I a youtube URL add, I get error "Unknown error while fetching the video. This might be because of the limited rights to the video".

    I check Google API metrics. See that requests come (so API work) but all fail. Did not see why. I look in apache log but dont find reason.

    Anybody know why? Thank you.

    (thank you for izap video plugin!!!!!!!!)

  • Have you created the API key WITHOUT setting any restrictions on usage (e.g. IP address or domain)? You need to create a "server" API key (problem is that Google changes their dev site UI regularly so it's difficult to provide a step-by-step help. Important is that you don't set any restrictions and that you also allow usage of Youtube data API for the API key - check to make sure it's enabled).

    Some videos might be restricted and can't be embedded on other sites. For testing I would suggest to try different videos from different uploaders.

  • Problem was i restricted API to my domain URL. But no good. I change it worked. I restricted it stop working. I change back it work again.


  • How do I add a video that I have uploaded to his blogpost?

  • @Abdulaziz There's no such functionality implemented right now. It might be possible to get it working but not without modifications not only in iZAP Videos but also in the editor plugin (CKEditor or TinyMCE) and/or the Htmlawed plugin. And I can't tell you right now which steps this might be.


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