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Release Notes

  • Updated for Elgg 2.0 (should also work on future Elgg 2.X versions).
  • I'm getting an error when adding video URL can't get the video from the site. Site not responding. URL its http://youtu.be/teZxB3S7hig and definitely works

  • Is it possible to import videos previously uploaded with the "videos" plugin?

  • @knussear

    I'm getting an error when adding video URL can't get the video from the site. Site not responding. URL its http://youtu.be/teZxB3S7hig and definitely works

    Adding this video works for me. Is it only this video from Youtube that fails for you or is adding Youtube videos not working at all? You need a Google API key for adding Youtube videos (and you need to enter the API key details on the iZAP Videos plugin setings page). Without such an API key Youtube does no longer allow accessing their API.

    Is it possible to import videos previously uploaded with the "videos" plugin?

    It might be possible to a certain extend. I can't say for sure. It would be necessary to write a conversion script in any case (which I don't have the time for). But it might not be possible to convert all videos uploaded with the Videos plugin as it seems this plugin allows adding videos from sites not supported by the iZAP Videos plugin currently. I have to admit that I also don't know about all implementation details of the Videos plugin to be able to give a full list of stuff that would be possible to convert and which parts might not.

  • @iionly

    I was able to add vimeo, so it looks like only youtube won't add. I do have a google API key entered, I looked over at google and made sure it was enabled it wasn't so I enabled it (although the videos plugin was working fine with it). I still get the error "Can't get the video from the site. Site is not responding". Over on the google side I can see a graph of client errors 4xx:0.0011. I am able to add a video if I use the embed code, but not via the add url tab. Any idea how to trouble shoot?

    I looked at the objects in the db created by the videos plugin and I think I may be able to map them to the corresponding izap objects. iZap creates more than videos does, so I'll have to see if I can do without some of them or if I need to add them when changing the entity type.

  • @iionly 

    Update = created a new API key, guess my older one was v2 and wouldn't go. Now youtube videos are coming in fine. 

  • Glad it worked with the new API key. I wasn't aware that v2 keys are not working with v3 of the API as the API hasn't been necessary yet while v2 was still working (and therefore iZAP Videos used no key at all back then).

    If you are experimenting with converting the Videos plugin entries into iZAP Videos plugin entries I would urge you to not try it with directly changing anything in the database. There's a high rish in breaking something if you do it that way - and then the video might no longer work with Videos plugin or iZAP Videos. I would suggest to do it by writing a script that does the work. And it would be best to test this script on a test installation thoroughly before using it on a production site.

    As a starting point for such a script you might want to investigate the workflow both within the Videos plugin and iZAP Videos when adding a new video (forms and actions) to find out what exactly happens. Then you should know the data structure created by both plugins for a video entry. Within the conversion script you can loop through the video entities of the Videos plugin and create new iZAP Videos entries (you can copy/adjust the corresponding code of the action of iZAP Videos) by assinging the corresponding values of the Videos plugin video entry to the newly created iZAP Videos video entry. If you can keep all field values of the Videos plugin is a question you can only answer by looking into the create process within the videos in code to find corresponding metadata fields. You can also assign the creation date of the Videos plugin entries to the newly created entries. You also need to deal with assigning comments to the new entities and you would also need to update the river entries. I don't know if the Videos plugin also allows hosting of on-server videos or if all the videos are off-server (e.g. uploaded to / embedded from Youtube). For any on-server videos you might also need move the corresponding video files (and possibly convert them also as iZAP Videos does currently save all on-server videos in flv format). For all videos (on-server and off-server) iZAP Videos saves also thumbnails on the server that you would have to re-create for on-server videos and possibly fetch again from the original server for off-server videos (iZAP Videos would do that automatically when adding a new video by url). Deletion of the Videos plugin entries could be done in a second loop after creating/copying the entries for iZAP Videos. Possibly the deletion can also be done in a second script. Then you could check for errors first before removal of the duplicate entries.

  • @iionly,I am getting somewhat same problem i.e It is working fine with  vimeo but getting an error  while dealing with youtube.I am having  YouTube Data API v3 and still its SHowing an error message..

    Can't get the video from the site. Site is not responding...please help,,,thanks in advance @iionly


  • @Shubham Jaiswal Please check if the Google API key is correctly created and that you have entered the correct API key on the izap videos plugin settings page. If it's working for vimeo and not for youtube, it's very likely that something is not yet correct with the API key. Maybe it's necessary to create a new key if it still fails to work even if you are sure that the correct key is entered. Also, try it with another video or videos for testing. Some videos can't be embedded because the uploader on youtube doesn't allow it.

  • @Shubham Jaiswal

    Could you solve your problem? I have the same, too.

  • I could solve my problem. I created another new project, added "YouTube Data API v3" and created a new Browser Key. Now it's works!

  • Hi.

    I could use my key but without any restriction in Google API Console. If I selected URL- or IP-based restrictions, YouTube refuse the connection and I get the error "Can't get the video from the site. Site is not responding." With this URL "https://www.googleapis.com/youtube/v3/search?part=snippet&q=YouTube+Data+API&type=video&key=YOURAPIKEY" I found out that my website(or iZAP Videos Plugin?) has transmitted an IP6 address to Youtube instead an IP4 adress. My provider has activated IP6 support without informing me(Or did I forgot it?). But in the restriction I entered an IP4 adress. So Youtube rejected the connection. I changed the IP adress and I could add videos on my website! But if I selected the URL restriction, it did not work again. I got this error "The request did not specify any referer." That means iZAP Videos Plugin or Elgg or my server doesn't send any referrer to YouTube?


  • @Johi There's a difference between request sent from browsers and servers. The server requests won't have a http referrer (and that's how iZAP Videos works, i.e. the origin of the queries is the server the Elgg site is hosted on and not the browser of the user and therefore the API key is also hidden from the users). I don't know if you can use an URL restriction with queries from servers at all (the API docs of Google are either lacking this information or I just haven't found the info). Maybe it works with using wildcards, e.g. http://your-server.url/* (or using https in the url if the Elgg site uses https). But if the IP restriction works, I would say just use this instead.

  • I keep getting the YouTube not responding error, no matter what I try. I've got the Google API Key. I've tried several. I've tired just about everything I can think of, and everything I've seen documented re elgg. I've been trying since elgg 1.8 and now I'm up to elgg 2.01 and still I keep getting the same error. Can anyone suggest how I can trace this down and figure out why the YouTube can not be recognized. Everything else works with no problems. It's just YouTube. Same error over and over again - "Can't get the video from this site. Site is not responding." I've tried a bunch of videos, none work. I'm at a loss. Help, please. 

  • OK, thanks anyhow. I was able to figure this out for myself. In addition to establishing an API Key, it's necessary to select Library re the Google APIs and then select YouTube Data API v3 for the project. Simple when ya know, wasted hours and gray hair when ya don't. 

  • @Ron Wallace Sorry. I had been ill all week so couldn't respond. I might need to explain in more detail somewhere how the API key stuff works (I thought it was explained at the page I've linked but maybe the necessary instructions have been removed from this page in the meantime).

  • Ho to all'!
    Same problem for me. "Can't get the video from this site. Site is not responding."
    I have the Api Key, selected also the library YouTube Data Api V3.

    What else can I do for get this plugin works with YouTube videos ?
    Really thanks!!!

  • Make sure you created an "API Key" (not OAuth credentials) https://console.developers.google.com/apis/credentials. The API key must be unrestricted with regards to application usage (so no restriction to website, IP address or Android/iOS app). The API usage can be either unrestricted or restricted to Youtube API. On the Dashboard you might also need to activate the YouTube Data API v3 if it's not listed yet. Unfortunately, the Google docs are rather useless or I would link to where it's described in detail. As I have the config already working I'm unable to re-produce the necessary step-by-step instructions. I hope you get it working.

  • (izap video v 2.3.5 and 2.3.6) Back again - Error " Unknown error while fetching the video. This might be because of limited rights assigned to the video."   When I try to add any YouTube video I get this error. Same error in 3 different elgg sites. Vimeo and Dailymotion work OK. It's only YouTube that gives this error.  It should be understood that this was working at one time, although I haven't had time to utilize it. But, IT WAS WORKING, I go away for a while, now it don't.  The API is installed and Youtube Data API v3 is enabled for the API Key. Remember it was working at one time. Further, looking at the API project page at Google shows -- The correct number of Requests are displayed, and Errors = 100%. So, it appears Google is getting the message, but once it gets there, it don't work. Any idea what I can check or where to look to chase the error down. I'm lost. -Ron

  • Make sure you don't restrict the API key to a domain name or IP address. There must not be any restrictions set. If it fails to work you might try to create a new API key where you don't set any restrictions from the start and enable Youtube Data API.

  • I already have NO restrictions. Remember, I said this was working but stopped working. So I would assume that the API key was all set up properly originally.  I'm going to create a new API key and try again. Got my fingers crossed that will work. I'll feedback. Thank you, Ron

  • It appears we're back up and running again. The original API Key that use to work still does not. I don't know why, maybe the keys become stale. Don't know. All I know is that it worked once but does not now.  I've gone ahead and created a new key, actually I created 3 keys, one for each of our elgg sites. I'm not sure if I only needed one key for all three, but I thought it best now to create 3 different ones which would be more convenient to troubleshoot if further problems popped up in the future. Anyhow, all 3 sites are now again loading YouTube videos again. Happy Days!! Thanks for your help. -Ron


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