[Elgg 1.8-1.12 & 2.X & 3.X: iZAP Videos - revised edition by iionly] v1.9.4

Release Notes

Same as in version 1.8.4 to work on Elgg 1.9:

  • Enhancement in sidebar entries (Most viewed videos, Most commented videos, Highest rated videos etc.).
  • Hello! @IIONLY

    Here is the problem:

    Ce plugin ne retrouve pas certaines dépendances et ne peut être activé. Vérifiez les dépendances pour plus d'infos.

    I have activate the plugin widget manager   
    but the dependence doesn't always function

  • @Polycarpe MAKOMBO The Widget Manager plugin is not a requirement but just a suggestion (the iZAP Videos plugin offers a index page widget that can be used if the Widget Manager plugin is installed).

    But the "curl" php extension is a requirement and I guess this php extension is missing on your server. You can click on the "more info" link in the iZAP Video box in the plugin list to see the dependencies of the iZAP Videos plugin and which of the requirements / suggestions is currently met and which are not.

    If you want to use the onserver video option (user can upload videos to your server), it's also necessary to have the "pdp_sqlite" php extension installed on your server. And of course you need ffmpeg for onserver videos to work.

    Both the "curl" and the "pdp_sqlite" php extensions are not Elgg plugins but php packages that you will have to install separately of Elgg on your own. If in doubt, ask the support of your webhoster how to install the necessary packages or ask them to install them for you.

  • Using this on my elgg 1.9.8 production site. Works great, does exactly what it says on the tin :)

    Recommended :)

  • Hi @iionly, I´m doing some tests in mobile devices (Andorid) and I see these browsers (default browser and Chome mobile) doesn´t support flv format so, is possible to use another output video format more compatible?


  • @Javier Moving from flv to html5 videos is one of the things I want to work on for izap_videos... when I have the time... As far as I know, one problem with html5 video still unresolved is codec compatibility between different browsers (one codec works with one browser but not with all others and vice-versa). I would like to avoid having to provide a video converted to different codecs for the video to be watchable in all browsers (disc space!). As said, I want to to move away from flash, too, but I'm afraid it will still take some time for me to have some spare time to work on it.

    @Michele Unfortunately, there's no tool/plugin available for importing videos from videolist to izap_videos that I'm aware of. I've never used videolist myself and therefore I don't know what features it provides exactly. It seems it does only allow for adding videos via embedding. This might make it easier to write an import script (theoretically speaking). Though it might be a problem that my version of izap_videos only supports off-server videos from youtube, dailymotion and vimeo while the videolist plugin supports more sites. If I would have some free time, I would look into it more thoroughly but I can't for the foreseeable future.

  • @ IIONLY
    My users had to insert a URL link to their video on my website and I solicited your plugin.
    During the test, I try to insert this link, but here's the message that displays
    eg URL VIDeo vimeo.com: https://vimeo.com/124180932
    The red message shows this:
    Can not get the video from the site. Site is not responding.

  • Hi Iionly,

    I'm using this plugin on my 1.9.8 production site but if I try  to add a Vimeo video, the video is not displayed just a blank space where the video should be but a thumb nail is displayed in the activity page with the correct video. 

    I'm using an ssl https on my site would this make any difference?


    Any ideas?

  • @Polycarpe MAKOMBO Does it fail for all vimeo videos - at all times - or just for this one? I've tried it with the video you have linked and I could add it by providing the url without any issues. Maybe it was a temporary issue with the vimeo servers. If it still fails for you, is it just failing with vimeo videos or also with youtube and dailymotion videos? In the latter case I wonder if there's a problem with some other plugin of your site interferring.

    @clu55ter Which browser are you using? Does the video play by clicking on the thumbnail in the river or do you get a white screen in the popup there, too? Is it failing only for vimeo or also for youtube and dailymotion? When embedding a video (that's what happens when adding a video by url) the video player that's used to display the video is coming from the site the video is hosted on. The "white screen" makes me think that there might be a browser issue preventing the video to play. Have you tried it with another browser yet?

    Also, are you using my fork or the Izap version of the plugin? I wonder because I noticed you also posted on the other plugin page.

  • @iionly  Thank you for your response you are right it was a browser issue.

    My site is running on https and all the videos except for the youtube are being blocked by the browser for being unsecure content. Here's a link to firefox article How does content that isn't secure affect my safety?

    P.S. Yes I also tried izaps videos plugin v 5.1.1 but had a totally diffrent issue with that plugin.

  • @clu55ter I'll have to look into that in more detail to fix it or provide some better advice. For now I can only guess that the problem is due to the urls of the videos provided by the users for the embedding. Meaning: if they paste a non-https url the embed code will also contain a non-https url. I have to look into the code to be able to decide if it's possible (and then surely better) to always use a https url for any video embedded (translating the non-https urls to https urls).


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  • Updated: 2020-9-1
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