[Elgg 1.8-1.12 & 2.X & 3.X: iZAP Videos - revised edition by iionly] v1.9.2

Release Notes

  • Minimum Elgg version required is now Elgg 1.9.5 because only with this Elgg version the fatal error on activating the iZAP Videos plugin if there had been an older version of the original iZAP Video plugin had been previously installed will no longer occur.

Additionally the fixes of version 1.8.2 to work on Elgg 1.9:

  • Video conversion no longer done by a cli php script but triggered only via a cronjob (because the cli php script might not work anymore on some servers due to changes introduced by patches for the "shellshock" bash bug),
  • Don't check filesize of a video currently in queue for conversion if conversion has not yet started,
  • Show correct summary line for river entries of comments on videos.
  • I am using on 1.9.5 and I can't delete any videos: An error occurred on deleting the video. Video was not deleted. Additionally, when trying to edit created video, the URL is not present.  Thanks.


  • @Starphysique I can confirm the issue with deletion of videos. It's an Elgg 1.9 problem only and I need to figure out how to fix it in the best possible way. I'll release an update once it's ready. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    The url of an offserver video entry is fixed. In the same way the video file associated to an onserver video can't be changed. It would be quite difficult to handle changing of video urls or video files. I guess it's not impossible to implement it but currently I can't work on it.

  • @iionly Thanks very much for all your efforts. You are a "star" in my books! Regards...

  • Thank you iionly. Anybody know and refer some information how to install ffmpeg? Thanks!

  • ffmpeg is provided by your hosting provider, basic web hosts dont provide this as it uses waaaaay to much system resources for shared webhosting. Most likely u will need to purchase a vps package or host your site from home on a dedi pc...

  • No problem, if u need any more help feel free to ask :)

  • On a shared server you wouldn't be able to install ffmpeg on your own. But there are some webhosters that provide ffmpeg support also on shared servers. Though I have to say that a shared server is not sufficient for hosting an Elgg site by my experience. The overall load on the server caused by Elgg is sooner or later too much for a shared server. It's not even the load that would be caused by ffmpeg on video conversion (if a webhoster offers support for ffmpeg this kind of load is to be expected). The problem is that Elgg itself is surely much heavier than a simple website. Additionally, some 3rd party plugins might create even more load (e.g. chat). It also depends on how many users are to be expected to be online at the same time. In the worst case the webhoster will take your site offline if it causes too much load and slows down other sites hosted on the same server. By my experience a VPS hosting plan is the better choice.

    Regarding installation of ffmpeg I would suggest to get in contact with the support of the webhoster. There are many different ways to install ffmpeg as it depends on the package management software used on the server (different kinds of Linux distributions etc.). One possibilty could be the FFMPEG Auto Installer (http://ffmpeginstaller.com). But the webhoster might have already some specific method to add ffmpeg (it's very likely that it's not the first time that they would have to install ffmpeg after all). Keep in mind that also the PDO-sqlite php extension needs to be installed in addition to ffmpeg for the onserver video option to work.


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  • Updated: 2020-9-1
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