twitter bootstrap theme v1.10

Release Notes

New in this Release...

  • adds 16 user selectable themes - special thanks to:
  • adds user count to the footer
  • login page now uses elgg_view_form and is translatable
  • new invite friends form
  • corrections to the owner block header
  • unused css removed
  • styles the search form on the members page sidebar
  • adds gatekeeper to the river
  • Thank you for this nice theme. A quick test/opinions:

    + Distinctive, clean and beautiful design. Dares to be different than standard Elgg theme and variations.

    + Choice of styles.

    - Not responsive. Could not get it with Mobilize plugin either.

    - Compatibility issues with some plugins (e.g. HypeWall, could not use PHPload on Tidypics,Language Selector flags overridden etc).

    - Choice of styles by end-user (rather than admin) may not be desirable as it changes the site's branding.

    - Though I chose not to use the Profile2, fields were available on the Profile page (the elgg 1.9.8 test site has no Profile Manager either).

    As I said, I looked at it very quickly. Thanks again.



  • HI @Sinan . Thanks for your feedback. It is a work in progress for sure. Could you let us know which pages were not responsive and we'll have a look.

    My best understanding is that HypeWall requires a third party framework so we will not be supporting that. We have not had a chance to look into TidyPics compatibility yet but it is on the list.

    We appreciate you taking the time & your feedback is always welcome.


  • Hi, sorry for the late reply.  As for responsiveness, I have only tried my mobile phone (Samsung S2). I seem to get all pages as desktop pages. Obviously the header does not fit the screen. But I can not horizontally scroll it either (unlike the rest of the page).

    If I use Mobilize plugin as the last loaded one, then I get the login screen responsive but not the rest. BTW with our without Mobilize plugin, I could not login with username. It required email address.

    Tested with Elgg 1.9.8 theme version 1.10. With all other non-bundled plugins disabled (other than occasional use of Mobilize). All plugin settings were set to "No".

    Thanks again. Regards.

  • Hi @Sinan,

    Sorry to hear it's giving you trouble. As a theme it definitely needs to be the bottom plugin. I'm not familiar with the mobilize plugin but it sounds like the two may conflict. I would deactivate twitter bootstrap theme and then enable it again to clear the cache and try setting the email login to no in the admin settings.

    If you go to does it work for you?

    Thanks again.


  • Hi,

    I had already tried with bootstrap theme at the bottom and also as the only active non-bundled theme. I have the same responsiveness problem with your  site.


  • Hi @Sinan

    Do you have another device to try it on just to rule that out?

    Also please feel free to use the report this link on .

    That will give us specifics on where it's acting up.

    Thanks again.


  • Hi, I tried your site with iphone 5. It displays the login screen. But all is small. When I enlarge it, then I need to scrool horizontally and vertically. I was also able to horiz. scroll the top header bar. But when I do that I do loose the "login" text on the bar. Probably it does not scrool up there.

    Tried with Samsung Note 3. Displays the whole screen. But again even on this screen size, I need to enlarge to see things better. Then I should be scrolling horiz. en vertically. On this device, the header top (black bar) horiz. scrools fine. That is, I am able to see the login sign with lock etc.


  • ?? Hi @Sinan if you can upload a screenshot that may help. Not certain what the issue might be.

  • Hello,

    I noticed at your site,, that the login page is displayed by default and the Activity page requires you to log in to see it. I assume that is because you have elgg set to Restrict pages to logged-in users and isn't part of your plugin?


  • HI Dan,

    I actually did that with the custom index plugin that comes bundled with elgg. You can still see anything that is set as public, files, pages etc...

    but nothing else unless you're logged in. I did lock down the river and members pages with a gatekeeper function as well.

    What are your thoughts on it?

  • It looks real nice. I was just about to install it on my demo site to test out. Since I'm running 1.9.8 (still running php 5.3) I can't upgrade to 1.10 which is responsive. I like the fact you have a number of options and since you have a nice size image it can easily swapped out for a logo.

    In a way I'm surprised elgg didn't go with bootstrap with 1.9 but I'm sure they had very valid reasons.

    The "gatekeeper function", I assume that isn't a elgg plugin?



  • I didn't know if you wanted bug reports here or on githhub.

    Two minor items. Running 1.9.8 with standard profile, not profile2.

    Logo = Yes
    Footer = Yes
    Require email address to login = No

    Using Firefox and Internet Explorer login screen doesn't look right.

    Enter user id admin it insists on email address even though set to no.

    Twitter Bootstrap login

    It's the same if I activate the front page demo.

    Flushing the cache makes no difference.

    Does it require profile2 to function properly?


  • Very nice plugin.  I have recommended it. 

    One problem though.  The avatars are huge.  Is there a place in the css I can change the size??


  • @DanWestlake

    gatekeeper() is a built-in elgg fuction that requires the user to be logged in in order to view the contents of that file.


    go to:


    line 16

    change type="email" to type="text"

    it has been corrected for the next version


    regarding the above screenshot:

    is that in maintenance mode ?

    We know that page needs to be bootstrapped but just have not got there yet. I'll be sure to include it in the next release

    profile2 is not required, only an option...




  • @captbob

    are you talking about the avatar on the profile page or another location?



  • @DanWestlake

    Looks like you have walled garden on. I'll see if I can do something with these few issues and maybe do a quick release over the weekend along with some other improvements we've been working on...


  • Ray, No not in maintenance mode. In advanced settings, option "Restrict pages to logged-in users" selected. Since it's a fresh installation with only two test users and no content created nothing is set to public.

    The "Walled Garden" I assume is the name of the default theme for Twitter Bootstrap plugin.

    I did download the recent from github which has the fix for the user id / email address login.


  • @DanWestlake

    Hi Dan,

    "Walled Garden"  is the commonly used name for "Restrict pages to logged-in users" . 

    We're looking at that now and I think the direction we are going to go is while not supporting Walled Garden in the twitter bootstrap theme we will make the necessary changes so there is no conflict if somebody wishes to use the default Elgg walled garden.

    We'll be adding a page over at explaining the logic behind this as well.

    I've opened a ticket regarding this on github. Thanks for your feedback. It always helps to have extras sets of eyes and viewpoints.


    almost forgot but we absolutely will be supporting maintenance mode.

  • Hi Ray,

    Thank you for the explanation of what "Walled Garden" is.

    Regarding captbob's comment on the Avatar, in my case I found the avatar picture for the profile very large. I'm running a monitor with a 1920 x 1080 resolution and when viewing the profile the default grey picture (depending on how zoomed in I am) fills 80 to 100% of the height of the screen.

    Here are the details: 200px × 200px (scaled to 1,108px × 1,108px)


  • Hi Dan,

    We are aware of that issue. It affects those not using the profile2 plugin. It's an easy css fix and we'll try to get to it as soon as possible.


  • @ twentyfiveautumn, yes on the profile page.  The avatar is huge.  Where can I change the size of it?  All the other pages are fine. 

  • You can go to:


    and paste this code at the bottom of the file:

    div.profile.elgg-col-2of3.mrn {
        width: 25%;

    That will cure the avatar sizing issue but the page layout will still be a mess.

    to quote a comment from the default profile plugin:

     /* We add mrn here because we're doing stupid things with the grid system. Remove this hack */

    It just doesn't work good with the twitter bootstrap theme. I would get a copy of profile2:

    and swap out the default profile plugin.

    Be sure to activate profile2 on the twitter bootstrap plugin settings and your problems are over...


  • Ray, I have already tried profile2 from github.  Although the avatar looks good on the profile page I can not rearrange any of the widgets on the page.  They are all lined up on the right side of the screen.  When I try to move them into any of the other two columns they move back to the right side of the screen.  I have not tried it on any of the other pages. 

  • @captnbob

    I don't really do a lot with widgets so I hadn't noticed that. I'll spend some time on it when I get a chance and see if I can sort that out.

    Thanks for letting us know.


    Thinking back, you may be able to drop widgets onto the footer as well.


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