Image Proxy v1.0

Release Notes

Initial release

  • great idea, though this is conflicting with the extended tinymce plugin in some way. when i activate image proxy, the tiny mce editor does not render at all. (

  • Any javascript errors?  It's working with tinymce on a clean install of 1.8 and ckeditor on a clean install of 1.9

  • I can't fully test if there are any issues with my extended tinymce plugin if the image proxy plugin is enabled as I don't have a https test site available. On a http site it seems to work both on Elgg 1.8 and 1.9 without issues.

  • For testing purposes an http site should be fine, it works the exact same on both, it's just pointless to use in an http site.

  • there are no js errors in my browser, no. i can only test on my live site since i don't have a test site configured that is encrypted presently - so i need to take the site offline to test, which is a problem.

  • as i said above you can still test this on an unencrypted site, there's just no point running it in production if your production environment doesn't use https.  Running it on a test http site will still replace image urls with the proxy url and do anything (including potentially break) that it would on https.

  • ah ok, i mis-read your previous comment - doing too much at once!

  • Nice plugin ! It fails when images are copy/pasted into the site. Those pictures are not shown. I changed the view hook to exclude them from being changed by adding a second check:

      if (!preg_match_all( '/data:image/', $r)){

    That could probably done a bit nicer in the initial string, but it works. Maybe you can do it in a future release.

    I also noticed a strange thing where images have a relative URL and do not show. I do have to investigate that further, but no javascript error.

  • Both problems are basically the same. Instead of checking data:image I now check if $url contains http (not http: since the URL's are urlencoded and the : is therefore replaced)

    $url = urlencode($extracted_image[1][$key]);

    if (strpos($url, 'http') === 0) {

    That also fixes the issue with relative URL's not being handled correctly.


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