[Elgg 1.8-1.12 & 2.X: Poll plugin] v2.3.5

Release Notes

  • Fix: correct usage of 'integer' constant with apostrophes in function call instead of without as this would fail otherwise on future versions of PHP (deprecation warning).
  • @iionly


    Could you implement this feature:

    Relevant Poll Integration
    Option to integrate a poll in news, blogs, pages through using the generated code for a relevant poll which would be available through clicking a button like "generate code" and when clicked a pop up window using lightbox will show up, from which we can copy the code and paste it into an existing news, blogs, pages or basically anywhere where ever we have a editor in use.

    [button url="code" type="submit" target="lightbox" text="Generate Code"]

    Also Poll Result Output Option:

    This option would be available for selection when creating poll like following:

    1. Default - as the output is shown now
    2. Pie Chart
    3. Bar Chart

  • I can keep your suggestions in mind. For the time being though I would rather concentrate on upgrading my plugins for Elgg 3 before adding any new features.

    Also, I'm not sure what you have in mind with the copy+paste of some code into the editor area. Any executable code would be filtered out anyway. It might be possible to add a poll below some other type of content (like a blog). But dealing with poll creation within a text field is something I don't think I would implement.

  • When this plugin will available for elgg 3 ?

  • I can't tell yet when an updated version for Elgg 3 will be ready.

  • Just a friendly question on Poll upgrade to Elgg3.

    Have you already started the upgraded? If not, I might be able to assist you with the upgrade and submit a pull request.

    Please advise.

  • I had no time yet to start on an Elgg 3 version. There's an old pull request in the repository. But it was made even before Elgg 3 was finally released, i.e. it would require some modifications itself to fully work on Elgg 3. I have the plan to work on an Elgg 3 version soon (possibly after releasing an update of the Elggx Userpoints plugin). Unfortunately, too much unplanned things happened recently not leaving me with any spare time to work on my plugins. If you want to make a pull request, please do. it might help me even if I wouldn't merge it directly but only make use of it indirectly with some work of myself and the work of the existing pull request in parallel.

  • @iionly, I upgraded the poll plugin to Elgg 3 and already submitted the pull request. 


  • I've seen the pull request and I will take a look at it once I have time (which hopefully be the case after finishing Elggx Userpoints plugin update for Elgg 3).


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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2019-2-26
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