[Elgg 1.8-1.12 & 2.X: Poll plugin] v2.0.2

Release Notes


  • Finnish translation updated.


  • Feature: multiple-answer polls (users can select more than a single choice on voting). Poll creator can decide on the maximum number of choices selectable (thanks to Beaufort8 and Juho Jaakkola for implementing this feature),
  • Multiple-answer polls can be allowed/prevented by a new poll plugin settings,
  • Fixed: keep access_id of poll choices in sync with access_id of their poll when the poll's access_id is changed (to fix possible discrepancies in existing polls an update script that can be executed via the poll plugin settings page has been added - if the Upgrade button shows up, run the upgrade),
  • Feature: plugin option added to allow for notification of poll creators on new votes made in their polls (the creator will receive notifications depending on his/her user-specific, site-wide notification settings, i.e. email notifications and/or site-notifications or none),
  • Fixed: no longer use the $closing_date variable in the poll object view before intializing it (had resulted in a warning),
  • Fixed: internal poll choice counter on input form counts correctly (by also decrementing removed choices),
  • Rework on plugin settings page layout,
  • French translation added (thanks to Facyla).
  • A neat feature might be the option for poll questions to populate user profile fields.

  • Thanks for your suggestion. I can't promise to implement it though. And it is surely not a feature that is currently high on my priority list.

  • I am using version 2.3. Such an error when I installed the survey plugin '' An unexpected error occurred while performing an AJAX call. Maybe the connection with the server has disappeared. "What is the solution?
    Info@sosyalkopya.xyz Thank you very much for your reply to my e-mail address ..

  • @Muhammet Yalçın When exactly does the error happen? What action are you doing when it occurs? I can't reproduce. Are you sure that you are not using another 3rd party plugin that might not fully work on Elgg 2.3 causing this error to show up with the poll plugin?

  • Hi Michele,

    long time no see...

    Can you tell if the poll has been edited (specifically if poll choices have been removed and possibly new choices added)? That's the only reason I can currently image that might have caused this mismatch. By coincidence I've found an issue in the poll plugin just last week when working on an update of Polls for Elgg 2.3 (apart from this one issue only a maintance release). As it happens I'm currently waiting for some feedback from Juho regarding the change I made for poll editing - if you could nudge him to take a look at my commit at github the new version would surely be released sooner ;-). Although I have to say that the update will only help when editing polls in future and can't fix any mismatch that has already happened when editing a poll in the past.

  • I need to test but it might be connected with the issue I've found (and hopefully found a fix for). There's a problem when removing a poll choice that is NOT the last poll choice and then add an additional poll choice. The element id get mixed up and this might also lead to some problem with assigning votes to choices and count them correctly.


  • Category: Communication
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2019-2-26
  • Downloads: 5364
  • Recommendations: 12

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