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  • i am reading the cirrus terms of agreement (haven't finished yet) and there are many references to adobe's ability to monitor the content of information that is being sent via the service and to take legal action for copyright issues, etc.
    if this is a service that functions without a 'media server', then what is the underlying topology here?
    are adobe operating as one of the P2P clients for all the video/media interactions that occur through their service? and using that position as 'invisible visitor' in all your chat rooms to quietly police your actions?!

  • Hello

    This service works without usual 'media server', but it uses Adobe Cirrus service to provide P2P connections among users.

    Do you suspect Adobe in looking at all video and audio data being sent via Cirrus service?

  • as i said, if you read the terms of agreement (remembering that unscrupulous 'lawyers' usually place controversial topics at 75% of the way through the agreement, to ensure that as few will read them as possible - since most readers get bored as skip to the end)... then you will see that there are many clauses in there that relate to adobe making the traffic on your chat sessions available to law enforcement agents and other entities for whatever reason.
    if they do not have a way to monitor the traffic and content, then they could not perform these actions.

  • Well, you can use some other service like Adobe Cirrus with my chat if you have one. And I can advice you how to make necessary changes for that. But the most users use adobe connections.

  • oh ok, i don't know much about rtmp. i did start learning about it and i think i recall reading that the browsers are intended to be the p2p clients, so like the p2p networks for file sharing (not bit torrent) there should be no requirement for any type of 3rd party service at all.
    is there an app that can be run on our own server that can facilitate whatever functions that cirrus or other equivalents would provide?
    that would be ideal.

  • I know that the latest FMS version from Adobe provides such service, but it's too expensive. Think there should be some other alternative developments, but my software is intended for "poor" clients without own servers ))

  • is asking for a license and a adobe developer key now how do I get those?


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