au_subgroups for 1.9 v1.0

  • I like this plugin and have been testing out on my beta site.I have a couple of requests if possible and any feedback would be great.

    1-In which part of the code plugin can I find the txt to change the title from sub group to service group, this will work better on my site as the parent group listed has service groups as partners.

    2-I have noticed if you already have a group and you make that group a sub-group of another main parent group that this can only be assigned as to one parent group! Is it possible to be a sub-group to more than one per ant group? & if so how would I do this?

    Regards Social-mice

  • @social-mice:
    1 Select your language file, such as mod/au_subgroups/lanuages/en.php, find this line "'au_subgroups:subgroup:of' => "Sub-Group of %s", change "Sub-Group of %s" to "Service group of %s"
    2 It is a little complex to manage mutiple parent group. It will change the transfer parent func to two func: add parent and delete. Add two forms, like au_subgroups\views\default\forms\au_subgroups\transfer.php, named addparent.php, deleteparent.php; in mod\au_subgroups\views\default\au_subgroups\group\transfer.php, remove the transfer form, add the addparent and deleteparent form;Add the add and delete parent action alike actions/move, but remove au_subgroups_remove_parent_group($subgroup->guid);

  • i am  new to elgg i have installed Your plugin which is Quit nice.... but i need a groups view as tree hierarchical model....!! please help me.

  • I'm getting this at the bottom of the page when I "View All Sub-Groups":

    Fatal Error.

    Redirect could not be issued due to headers already being sent. Halting execution for security. Output started in file /***/elgg/mod/au_subgroups/pages/list.php at line 24.

  • AU_SUBGROUPS plugin

    When I try to attach a group to an existing subgroup, this is the error I get.This is what appears

    Can anyone explain how to fix this?



  • Newer official version of AU Subgroups at Maybe the official version works better.

  • Thanks, but the 1.6 version had the same problem and I upgraded to the new one for that reason, same issue.


    I have au_subgroups at the bottom of my plugin list, and it still doesnt work!

    any other ideas?



  • I'm afraid it looks like some code in AU Subgroups is missing. The transfer action is indeed requested but missing. I think the option to attach a group as subgroup to another group was added in version 1.6. And version 1.6 and any later versions (including this 1.0 version here that is based on the official 1.6) are missing some code.

    I can only assume that Matt is unaware of the problem. So, you might want to report it here on the community site and/or on the github repository of AU Subgroups (linked on the plugin page of AU Subgroups of Matt). Anyone else would have a hard time fixing this issue as it's not trivial to figure out what exactly is missing and what functionality is intended to be included.

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