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minor bug fix,

  • Wow, dis is great...nice one.

  • Hi enRaiser!

    Do you think, instead sending mass messages, send a whatsapp each time a new topic is added in the group?


  • Yes as I said the name is enriver, so not just new topic but any new river entry in group will autopost to whatsapp, Facebook twitter.I have done that and lot more, like whatsapp group(creating/ joinig/posting).  

    However my policy is to give a minimum code, so that rather then being dependent on my plugin you can integrate the code into your plugin. and if you are developer you can easily extend /enhance features.


  • i can't find setup page.......only blank page....

  • may be you have got some PHP error .( try finding in the error log, is there any PHP error? for this plugin)

  • no error buddy
    i am getting text "setup social"....but no option...and setting page...

  • @enRaiser I like the idea. I will study your plugin. It has potential. Sending whatsapp messages on new group topics (just when someone adds one) would be great and increase the activity on elgg sites.

  • sorry friend....i was modify only elgg_echo("social_connect) into (setup_social)

  • working..........i think enriver could be best plugin of this year.....


  • I was testing it last night

    Message verification worked fine

    But when I was trying to sent message it says

    Fatal Error.

    Login Failure

    And very long code

    Sent code via PM check it.

    help appreciated thanks Sachin

  • You must have ignored my warning that dont use the phone number which you already registered as whatsapp.
    I guess u must have use your number, and then move to your phone, and started whatsapp, by another 4 digit code.

  • @enRaiser So I have to use another phone number?

  • So only the group owners can set this up? This is not available to normal group members? Seems a brilliant idea. Does this also mean that each group owner, has to set their own phone number in each group??

  • @rjcalifornia yes you have to use other number, or else kill your whatsapp app in your mobile until your testing is over.

    @Vextah Yes every group owner has to do that, but if you want you can do this at site level, or user level too. you need to dirty your hand with code, I made sure that code is very light weight so any one can easily understand and integrate the way he wants.
    consider this plugin only as example code, I don't want to build a heavy weight public plugin, with all features. Every one has a different tailer made requirement. and hence I don't want to dive deep into it.
    and by the way, don't forgot to click recommend button.:)

  • @enRaiser thanks Sachin now its working fine

  • Is there any way to keep using the app and this plugin without issues?

  • NO WAY, you can not use the same number simultaneously on mobile as well as website. The only issue is that , you will not be able to run your whatsapp mobile app with that number. In case you try to run that whatsapp, it will force you to generate another 4 digit verification code. and then after elgg plugin will stop working. The API is not an alternative solution provided by whatsapp. It is the same API that the mobile App is also using. So obviously whatsapp, does not allow two instances of same number simultaneously,

  • Hello ,


    I activated the plugun but do not see the menus. And also, I can not access it via / enriver. 

    Please, Help me? 


  • Thanks for the reply, i have clicked recommend :) Ok so let me understand this, i need a different phone, with it's own seperate imei number and it's own mobile number?? 2 phones but dont use 1 of them?

  • For  this plugin, You need one phone number(one SIM card) and one IMEI. If you dont have another phisical phone device, then try using your own phones IMEI.  IMEI is not compulsory by whatsapp, it just make sure that its some uniques long string.

    You just need to make sure that this phone number is not registerd to whatsapp(i.e whatsapp is not runnig with this number).


    The buzz-word  of two phone number is because you have your personal phone with  whatsapp installed on it. and I recommend not to use that personal phone number.


  • @enRaiser

    The reason for using a personal phone is because it is practical. I can't ask an user to get another phone number. I understand the limitations, just not what I expected.

    So each user must have a second phone number to receive whatsapp messages?

  • True, and that is the reason I have added as part of group. You should use this plugin only for group entity or site entity. to broadcast site updates and group updates.  It should not be used for user entity.

    You can still use it at user level, e.g when a user  updates his avatar, you can send broadcast message to all his friends , the message look like  this => sachin has changed his avatar on



  • @enRaiser , Can You help me ?

    I activated the plugin but do not see on the menus. And also, I can not access it via 


    Any Ideia ?

    Regards !

  • watch out for 'social connect' menu in group sidebar,

    You can access it  via http://<your domain>/enriver/setup/<group GUID>

    like in my case there is a group with GUID 619, So I access it like this



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