[Elgg 1.8-1.12 & 2.X: Elggchat] v1.9.2

Release Notes

Version 1.8.2 updated for Elgg 1.9:

  • New admin option: optionally keep all chat session logs (manual deletion still possible if this option is enabled),
  • CSS fixes to prevent layout issues (mainly changes of font style) by a theme plugin installed,
  • Layout adjustments of chat toolbar (most noticeable: chat sessions aligned right) for better results on smaller screens (though it might still not work on all mobile devices - especially older ones).
  • Thank you very much for the update. This now looks perfect on Opera browser with Android 4.2.2  but messages won't go easily through. From PC it takes many minutes and from android they won't move forward. Almost there, I'll try playing with CSS seeing if it helps.

    Then again on Android's own browser and Android Chrome, the messages go through but the chat box gets lost on the right side of the screen always. When I try to write something the chatbox disappears completely. So I can't see what I'm typing. This bug is the same even if I keep the screen sideways so I guess it isn't because of the wrong size screen. The old version seemed to be working much better for these browsers even though the chat bar was way down.

    The problem with these other browsers than Opera seem to be that they have same magnefying effect. Some huge zoom effect when I try to touch the chatbar or my friends name. Then all I see is zoom 1000% and the keyboard. When I recover from that, the chatbar is all mixed up.

  • Also when I zoom with two fingers the chat boxes are left outside of the right side so I guess having them on the left side is better.

  • Now I understand the problem. I can't possible manage to touch the tiny boxes exactly on the chat bar (even with a 5.5" screen). I can't zoom in normally without both ends of the chat bar going missing. So when I try to touch my friends icon the browser zooms like crazy.

    I guess a chat bar that scales according to the resolution would be one solution. Or then having the chat boxes in the middle (might be ugly). Or then having a much larger chat bar that can be easily hidden out of the way if not necessary.

  • Are you using Elgg 1.8 or 1.9? Are you using a responsive theme, e.g. the Aalborg theme on Elgg 1.9? A responsive theme might at least be slightly better suited for mobile devices / small screen devices. It's not only Elggchat that reacts slightly different on Elgg 1.9 with Aalborg theme enabled (or any responsive theme generally) but your site might be much better suited for smartphone users.

    I'll keep the issues you reported in mind. Most likely I won't have time to work on Elggchat on short term but I'll try to look into the issues when I have time. But - I think I've mentioned this before already - my capabilities of testing on mobile devices are very limited (basically not existing). I have neither an Apple nor an Android phone and I won't buy any. I'm also developing and testing on a local server only, i.e. using any online emulators of an Iphone or Android phone is no alternative either.

  • I've tried it with a unresponsive theme and with and without mobilize plugin. The problem is in Android. Annoying autozoom. Anyway I've solved the problem. Seems that the autozoom isn't performed if the input field has a font size of about 22px or bigger. Doesn't look very pretty but works very good.

  • i would like to fix this for ios..
    i am getting reports that the chat bar is rendered but does nothing when clicked onto..
    i will look at the keynote online simulator and see what i can see.

  • it will be very helpful if u provide block user option in elgg chat

  • Hello iionly

    I enjoyed the plugin and it is, There is no way to insert a sends to allow mobile users to chat button?

    Therefore send button to Mobile and Mobile Computer User chat;

    Thank you and favorably

  • @Polycarpe MAKOMBO Messages get sent by clicking the return/enter key. This should also work on mobile devices. So, I don't think a "Send" button is required (especially since it would take some space that is not to be wasted on small screens anyway).

  • @iionly

    The layout is good elggchat the mobile point of view, but can users can edit the text and are in difficulty sending lack of button sends the "Return and Enter" system, some users are unable to do so.

    The mobile use is high to computers, because all the world is in any environment or location connects with his mobile phone.

  • @Polycarpe MAKOMBO I'll keep it in mind if I have some time to possibly modify the chat ui. But this won't happen anytime soon. I still don't think a send button is really that important even for mobile users though as the editing of a message is perfectly possible without using the return key.


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