[Elgg 1.8-1.12 & 2.X: Elggchat] v1.10.5

Release Notes

  • Revision of usersettings page,
  • Blinking of minimized chatsession window on arrival of a new message works again (of course needs to be enabled in plugin settings),
  • Get the correct user again (when inviting for a new chatsession) if more than a single user / friend is currently available for chat.
  • @mariano A certain server load is to be expected. If there are many users online at the same time, the server load will be higher. There's no magic to reduce the server load. Sorry.

    You could increase the polling interval in the plugin settings and also increase the maximum polling interval. This should reduce server load at least slightly but it will result in the chat being slower (new message would arive later on average). You can also set the time until a session will get idle to 1 hour to get them cleaned up sooner. Also, use the No Logging plugin, if you don't do that already. I can't give any other suggestions though. Other chat scripts might result in less server load, but they are most likely not as integrated into Elgg as this plugin here. If the problem with the server load is due to using a shared server (or even free hoster) then I'm afraid you have to accept some limitations (e.g. not bein able to offer a chat) for paying less for the hosting.

  • i am seeing elgg warning / error messages in the browser when i navigate via a hyperlink on a page and the elggchat plugin is also polling. the error refers to an AJAX process failing.

    i suggest to handle such situations by surpressing ajax warnings in elgg for elggchat if the user has navigated to a different url and this navigation has triggered the warning.

  • @ura soul I don't understand. What kind of link? A link in a chat message or some other link on the page? I've tried both (and tried it on Chrome and Firefox) but I don't get any error / warning.

    Possibly you see some variant of the problem I've reported at https://github.com/Elgg/Elgg/issues/8413. Some other discussions about ajax issues have been reported on the community site recently, too. My guess is that it has something to do with a change made in Elgg 1.10 core with error handling on ajax calls. It might depend on browser and possibly also on 3rd party plugins installed if there is an error or not.

    If you could explain in more detail when the issue occurs for you in connection with Elggchat I can try again to reproduce it.

  • hmm.. it appears that it is hypeLists that is the cause of this issue. i originally thought the cause was hypelists but it appeared in the firefox network tool to be elggchat. so i'll pass this to ishmayil.

  • i just noticed that the elggchat menu options appear twice in the user settings area, once for tools and once as standalone:

    is that intentional?

  • @ura soul

    i just noticed that the elggchat menu options appear twice in the user settings area, once for tools and once as standalone.

    install instructions for Elggchat say:

    1. If you have a previous version of the plugin installed, start with deaktivating the Elggchat plugin, then remove the elggchat plugin folder from the mod directory completely before installing the new version,

    (BTW: that's something I would suggest for any plugin when upgrading it even if not explicitely mentioned.)

  • aha, ok.. that solved it - thanks

  • Plugin works great, thanks iionly :)

    @tunist what theme is that you're using plz?

  • that is one of my own custom themes developed over several years at ureka

  • For some reason the actual chat tab has vanished and is replaced by "elggchat:friendspicker", so that it looks like this:


    Is there a way to fix this? It was working initially and then it just sort of vanished at random. I've tried deleting the entire elggchat from mods and reinstalling it fresh, as well as clearing the site's cache, but it doesn't fix the issue.

  • Looks like a language issue. You'd have to manually add it into a custom plugin's language en.php array:

    'elggchat:friendspicker' => 'put any text here'

  • @Duckverse The raw language string 'elggchat:friendspicker' is not used anywhere in the code. There are only four strings used that are partly identical:

    'elggchat:friendspicker:info' => "Friends online",
    'elggchat:friendspicker:online' => "Online",
    'elggchat:friendspicker:offline' => "Offline",
    'elggchat:friendspicker:nofriends' => "currently none",

    So, it won't help to add 'elggchat:friendspicker'.

    My guess is that some other 3rd party plugin installed on your site is causing the problem (which would also explain that it's a "vanished at random" issue and not a "doesn't show up at all" issue). I can't reproduce it at all. My suggestions is to disable all your other 3rd party plugins temporarily to see if it works then and if it does enable them again one by one to find out which plugin causes the problem. If you see a pattern that would explain when only the raw string shows up and when the correct text output shows up (e.g. on certain pages) it might be even possible to narrow down the plugin causing the issue without the need to disable them all. But I can't fix what isn't broken for me - and right now I suspect the bug isn't within Elggchat anyway.

    @gfontaniere All my plugins should work on 1.12 without issues.

  • @iionly

    Success! I figured out the problem! Here's the bad news... it's being caused by the "spam login filter" mod, which kind of sucks because I need that activated to prevent an onslaught of bot registrations. Unless you guys know of a working alternative for preventing spam, I'm not sure what to do.

  • @Duckverse I still can't reproduce the issue even with Spam Login Filter plugin enabled. Are you using the latest version of this plugin (currently 2.0.2)? If you ever used a version of Spam Login Filter < 2.0, had you removed the Spam Login Filter plugin folder completely before upgrading?

  • I've only ever used 2.0.2, which is the one currently installed. It's really strange, because the problem definitely only happens when the mod is activated.

  • @Duckverse Then it might be that specific circumstances had to be met for the error to occur. And I have not yet been able to find out what these circumstances are.

    First: are you sure that only Spam Login Filter and Elggchat alone are causing the problem? This is important to know. It could be that the problem is caused by another plugin only if Spam Login FIlter is enabled but the bug would be in this other plugin but not in Spam Login FIlter. So, it's important to know if the problem also occurs with only Spam Login FIlter and Elggchat as the only 3rd party plugins enabled.

    My guess would have been that the bug is caused by some plugin with buggy JS code. But the Spam Login Filter plugin has no JS code. So, JS code wouldn't be the cause if it's Spam Login Filter causing the conflict.

    Another possibility is a buggy language file. What's the language used as site language on your site and have you tested with another language set as user language? Does the problem also occur with English used as site language and user language? Have you added or modified any language files on your own?

    Are you using an API key or keys from the StopForumSpam and/or Fassim websites? Have you added any pages specifically to be protected against spammers in the Spam Login Filter plugin settings? And is the problem with the Elggchat bar happening on all pages on your site or only on some pages? I'm trying to figure out what might be the specific conditions that have to be met for the problem to occur.

  • @iionly

    I disabled all plugins then only activated Elggchat. The "friends only" appeared. Then with all other plugins still disabled I enabled "spam log filter" and it immediately reverted to 'elggfriendspicker:info'

    Next, I tested it by changing my settings to a different language (I tried Dutch and Spanish), and it still remained as elggfriendspicker:info

    The only modification I tried was AFTER the issue when @Cim above suggested adding a line to it.

    I'm not using any API keys. The only pages I've added to the spam filter settings are spam emails like 'discardmail' etc.

  • The suggestion of @Cim won't work because the 'elggchat:friendspicker' string is not used by Elggchat anywhere.

    I suspect that for some reason the Spam Login Filter plugin is not working correctly on your site. The raw language string of Elggchat being displayed is an indication that something is not working correctly but not necessarily the origin of the problem. If Elggchat would not be used, the problem might show up elsewhere instead. Elggchat is just a primary candidate for showing up the problem because the chatbar is loaded on every page and because it's loaded dynamically by JS.

    I don't know if Spam Login Filter might have some minimum requirements regarding the php version installed on the server. I think it requires php 5.4 at minimum but maybe it requires even php 5.5. I've installed php 5.6 on my server, so I might not see any problems you see if you have an older version of php installed on your server.

    Maybe there are some errors displayed in the webconsole of your browser or there are some entries added to the server logs. I would suggest to test out if you get errors in the browser console or the server logs that might explain where the problem is.

  • Spam Login FIlter also requires the php curl extension to be installed and working. If this function is not working on your server, the Spam Login Filter plugin might get "stuck" when trying to check an IP against the StopForumSpam database. But this would also mean that the Spam Login Filter plugin is currently not really working on your site. Maybe the browser console or the logs does give any insight what is causing the problem. Unfortunately, I can't give you any more useful advice at the moment.


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