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Release Notes

1.0 - initial release for elgg 1.9

  • You have to edit /views/default/page/elements/html.php to add the extra tag above, not default.php. This must be differentin elgg 1.9.


    That being said, the only time I get the 'share this' set of links using 1.9.2 is only on the profile pages.


  • oh ok, i will change the description. i am unable to run elgg 1.9 here, so i cannot test the plugin with the latest versions. i created this 1.9 version of this plugin with one of the pre-release versions, so some changes may be needed to get it to work fully.

  • OK. Can you give me a clue where to start looking? I'm not sure how the plugin gets injected into the page. If I can fix it, I'll send you the diffs.



  • ah, looks like i commented out the elgg_extend_view function that adds the sharing buttons to the sidebar. i did that on my own site so i could change it's position by adding it to another location in my theme plugin instead. i forgot to handle that in this community release for 1.9.

    if you uncomment the commented lines in start.php, you should see the interconnected buttons re-appear throughout the site:

     //   if ((!elgg_in_context('admin'))&&(!elgg_in_context('members'))&&(!elgg_in_context('messages'))&&(!elgg_in_context('co-creators'))&&(!elgg_in_context('reportedcontent'))&&(!elgg_in_context('settings'))&&(!elgg_in_context('suggested_friends'))&&(!elgg_in_context('suggested_friends_extended')))
          //  elgg_extend_view('page/elements/sidebar','sidebar/interconnected',700);

  • It doesn't look like I have those lines in my start.php . Maybe I have the wrong version.


  • Nope... manifest says 1.9



  • oh ok, so looks like i made a mistake there in this version.

    you can just cut and paste the code i posted above into the start.php file and remove the comments.

    if you paste it before this line, it should be ok:


  • Very nice plugin. Some questions :

    How can I show the buttons on individual blog posts, photos etc
    Do I, as an admin, have choice in the settings as to where the buttons appear - bottom of the content, sidebar etc
    Do end-users have the option to turn off the buttons from display from their controls/settings?

  • there is no javascript loaded at all by this plugin: no javascript from external sites is used and the button images are intentionally stored locally so that connections to external servers only occur when shares are intentionally made, rather than on every page load - this is to support privacy and limit the use of social network as spying devices.

    I really really appreciate this.

  • i was not able to find a way of adding the sharing buttons to a place on the individual item pages that is suitable for them, without over-riding the main sidebar view in elgg. so i did this in my theme, rather than in this plugin - since the sidebar is quite a significant view that is probably best to not be over-ridden in a functional plugin like this one.

    you could do what i have done (or choose a different location/view) by using something like this code:

    if ((!elgg_in_context('admin'))&&(!elgg_in_context('activity'))&&(!elgg_in_context('members'))&&(!elgg_in_context('messages'))&&(!elgg_in_context('co-creators'))&&(!elgg_in_context('reportedcontent'))&&(!elgg_in_context('settings'))&&(!elgg_in_context('suggested_friends'))&&(!elgg_in_context('suggested_friends_extended')))
        echo elgg_view ('sidebar/interconnected');

    i put this after the owner_block view in the sidebar.php file and the sharing buttons are shown in all relevant places.

  • ura soul: In my blog i have images but every time when i try to share my blog it brings the profile picture of user instead of the blog image. How to make the facebook to take the blog image instead of the profile.

  • you can use this facebook tool to debug the sharing info on any public page:

    if you run your page through that test page and you still see the wrong image, then there may be a problem with interconnected. if you see the correct image, then the problem may be something odd about facebook's code. i have seen facebook often pick up the wrong image from the page, even though other sites pick up the right one.

  • Thanks for this great plugin... would there be an elgg 2.x version?

  • you are welcome! i do intend to update this, with some new features, for 2.x - but presently i don't have a working 2.x site and need to upgrade several other plugins first. so maybe there will be a 2.x version of this in a few weeks time - i can't be more accurate than that presently.

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