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v. 1.0:

initial port to elgg 1.9

  • Does elgg1.9 allow for proper access to the user settings as an admin? I am using the elgg1.8 version of this and when I try to edit the signature of a user as admin all I can change is my own signature even though it looks like I am editing the user's one.

  • ah yes, i see that issue here in 1.8. i haven't fixed that in 1.9 yet, no.. since i didn't know it existed.

    i will look at it now.

  • the possibility exists, yes. if someone wants to write the code for the email signature view, then i will add it to this plugin. i am too busy elsewhere presently to add it all myself, even though the code is simple.

  • Signature won't show in river/wire, it works in blog comments but i really want it to work on activity/river/wire sections

  • @Digital Coin Forums I don't think it would be too hard, just extend that signature function to the view river/elements/summary or something.

  • @cim @manacim I have tried all this still not showing up

     //extend views
        elgg_extend_view('css/elgg', 'css/signature'); // add css styling to the main elgg css file
        elgg_extend_view('object/comment','output/signature'); // place the signature view at the bottom of the generic comment view
        elgg_extend_view('annotation/generic_comment','output/signature', 501); // place the signature view at the bottom of the generic comment view
        elgg_extend_view('annotation/group_topic_post','output/signature', 501); // place the signature view at the bottom of the generic comment view
        elgg_extend_view('page/elements/comments', 'output/signature', 501);
        elgg_extend_view('river/item/actions', 'output/signature', 501);
        elgg_extend_view('annotation/activity', 'output/signature', 501);
        elgg_extend_view('river/elements/summary', 'output/signature', 501);
        elgg_extend_view('river/elements/comments', 'output/signature', 501);
        elgg_extend_view('river/filter', 'signature/activity_post', 501);
        elgg_extend_view('annotation/page/layouts/elements/filter', 'signature/group_activity', 501);



  • the signature view only functions if a variable already exists called $annotation or $commenter in the view that the signature view is being called from.

    the signature view is being added to the generic_comment view, which is used for most/all comments (i think). therefore, the issue is not which view to add the signature to.

    i think you will find that if you remove the 'full_view' check on line 15 in the signature view, the signature will appear in most other comment locations - though it may now appear in too many places for your preference.

    so line 15 would be:
    if ($signature != '')

  • Do you have post signature ? , this plugin put signature at bottom of the user comment , i think you also have 'post signature plugin' , that put signature at the bottom of the user post (blog, thewire, etc)

    Do you have it ?


  • no, i haven't made a plugin that does that. you could do that quite easily by adding a line to a plugin's start.php file for each of the object types that you want to extend with a signature - e.g.:


  • Mr.ura soul

    I want to put "signature" input form on the user setting page (www,<username&gt;).

    I use elgg_extend_view("forms/account/settings", "plugins/signature/usersettings"); in start.php. But there is a error PHP Fatal error:  Call to a member function getID() on null in C:\xampp\htdocs\jajubel2\mod\signature\start.php on line 10 . when i try to save a signature

    Can you help me to fix it ?

     * plugin hook to be run when the signature is changed via the tool settings page
    function validate_signature($hook, $type, $value, $params)
        $plugin = $params['plugin'];

        if ($plugin->getID() == 'signature') // check if the signature plugin called this hook
            if ($params['name'] == 'signature') // check if the signature variable is the one being changed by this hook
               // remove html tags from the signature, except the ones we want to keep
                return $value; // return the contents of the signature text box
            return null;
            return null;

     * signature initialisation function
    function signature_init() {
        //register hooks
        elgg_register_plugin_hook_handler('usersettings:save', 'user', 'validate_signature'); // validate the input that is entered on the settings tool page
        //extend views
        elgg_extend_view("forms/account/settings", "plugins/signature/usersettings");
        elgg_extend_view('css/elgg', 'css/signature'); // add css styling to the main elgg css file
        elgg_extend_view('object/blog','output/signature'); // place the signature view at the bottom of the generic comment view

    elgg_register_event_handler('init', 'system', 'signature_init');


  • the settings and usersettings pages are managed by elgg and they are intended to remain in their own specific pages. so if you move usersettings to the settings page, elgg will not know what to do with them. the problem is that the guid of the plugin itself is not being set by the settings page, since there is not usually a need to use that guid on the settings page. i'm not sure what the best way to accomplish your goal would be.

  • okay , i will try to fix it by myself , thanks for your great plugin :)

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