[Elgg 1.8-1.12 & 2.X: News] v1.8.0

Release Notes

  • Initial release.
  • I was the first to download it. Recommend later. Let me try it. Thanks

  • Can you please consider allowing it to also import rss feeds next time or is it a feature that I am missing? Is there any rss importer we can configure with it. I am using rss importer and it not showing up in the news module.

    I also notice that it also show ups a 404 page when you click on any groups's news that is not yet created instead of simething like no news yet like the default that shows up before you configure news.

    I am not so concerened about the second thing as it really does make much of a difference. I am just asking for rss importation as well

  • If you are referring to the RSS Importer plugin (http://community.elgg.org/plugins/1090220/1.5/rss-import) then I guess it won't work currently. The news are a different type of object that is currently not supported by this plugin (I think only blog, bookmarks and pages work). The Importer plugin would have to get extended to support adding RSS feeds as news. I don't know how complex this would be. Most likely, it's not too difficult as the news objects are basically the same as blog objects with a different subtype only. Therefore, you would only have to add corresponding code / functions within the Importer plugin for news objects where currently the blogs are supported only.

    I don't understand what you mean by the "404 pages for news that are not yet created". Can you give some details on when the error page shows up? It should (and does for me) show a page with "There haven't any news been posted yet." if there aren't any news in a group (or site-wide) yet.

  • Would be nice if there was an option to not show group news on the index page widget.

  • Visibility of group news on the index page (or on the news page) depends on the access level chosen for the news entry and the user viewing the index page being a member / not being a member of the group. If you have selected the group specific access level for the entry only group members will see this entry within the index page widget or on the news page. If you have chosen "logged-in" then all logged in users will see the entry and so on. This follows the lines of other type of content, i.e. a group blog entry would show up on the index page, too, if it is not restricted to group members by its access level.

    Changing the behavior for the news index widget by introducing a corresponding plugin setting (but then valid for all group news) would surely be possible. But right now I can't work on that due to lack of time.

  • the best news plugin that I ever saw
    if you add export capacities to this plugin it would be astonishing
    when I say export capacities I mean like a javascript that let you show the news widget outside elgg like this:

  • @gianrog I'll have to take a closer look at the code of the Embedded Login plugin to see how a similar embedded of the news on another site could work.

    But may I suggest another possibility: the RSS view of Elgg. On quite a lot of pages of your site you will have an RSS icon in the sidebar which will open the corresponding RSS view of that page. Now you could embed this RSS view as an RSS feed on the other site. The advantage of this approach would be that you have more freedom in customizing the look of the news list on the other page compared to embedding a pre-defined view (which would not necessarily require javascript). For the embedded login the RSS aproach is not possible but for the news it might be the better way.

    I've not used the RSS feature of Elgg on other sites yet (nor embedded other RSS feeds on an Elgg site). Therefore, I can't give some detailed instructions. But you should be able to find some example code of howto embed an RSS feed into a html site.

    I might also try to add the feature of providing the necessary embed code for the RSS feed directly into the news plugin (following the lines of the Embedded Login plugin). But I can't say right now when I will have the time to work on this.

  • Guess I posted in the wrong plugin o.O

    Is it possible to edit it and give group admins the option to post news in the groups like the group owners?

  • @Nefea: already possible. Site admins can post site-wide and group news. Group admins (=group owners) can post group news (within their groups).

  • Would be cool if it also duplicated the group news slider widget that widget manager has for group blogs.

  • I have a group admin who say he can't post news and I have just tested it on a Dummy that I made group admin and he can't post news in the group.
    The group owner can post news.
    Can it be because in the group tool we allow multiple group admins?

  • @Nefea: sorry. Misunderstanding. I assumed you meant "group owner" when you said "group admin". For additional group admins (defined by using the group_tools plugin) beside the group owner it does not work currently indeed. There would be some modifications in the code of the news plugin necessary to get it working also for the additional group admins. Let me check this out.


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