Solr Search v1.5.1

Release Notes

  • fix comment index deletion
  • add plugin setting for admin viewing of relevancy scores
  • reindex resolution reduced to the second
  • fix search query for ACCESS_PRIVATE
  • I dont understand how i Configure Solr with the schema.xml included in the root directory of this plugin.

    Please its possible you explain?



  • Have install Solr and when hitting "reindex" can certainly seelots of activity on top.. but.. nothing appears to show up in the solr index...

    Any suggestions?


  • For the record..


    running on a virtual Centos 6 with 1G memory and 2 core.

    Solr is 4.9.0

    Java is 1.7.0

    PHP 5.4.25

    Elgg 1.8.16




  • found the issue.. the schema.xml from the plugin needs to be copied (asusming default solr install with one collection) to ... solr/collection1/conf/schema.xml

  • I've noticed its not indexing uploaded files... any suggestions on how to convince it to do this?

  • It indexes files uploaded through the default files plugin.  Any files attached to custom entities etc will need custom handlers for indexing/searching

  • So it would grab the pdf2txt extracted data because thats in the metadata strings area, but not the publication attachments because they don't show up as a file upload?



  • I'm not sure what you mean really.  It indexes the content of any file uploaded using the core file plugin.  Those are the only files this plugin handles by default.  It can handle other files, but it needs custom handlers to do so.

  • And it can handle other files, I have a webdav plugin that connects existng windows file shares and modified the SOLR plugin to index those files too. Works great and I am able to index and search through tens of thousands of files instantly.

  • I don't understand this plugin and the instructions don't explain much. I've installed the plugin accordingly and it doesn't give errors. But when I try indexing the system says that:
    "Solr reindex is now running in the background, note that it may take a long time to complete"
    And nothing happens.

    So I guess I have wrong settings. Is this even supposed to run like a normal Elgg plugin or is my host supposed to run this or do I need to run some extra server?

    What does the "Enter the host of the solr installation without http(s) prefix. eg." mean? Is it solr + my host e.g. ?

    How about the port number?

    The path I guess is /mod/elgg_solr/

    No items get indexed even If I wait forever. I'd like to know how to set this up or is it impossible without having my own server running or something like that?

  • This plugin needs Solr to be installed on your server. Typicaly your host will not do this and you will need to have access to your server, meaning your Elgg install should be installed on a semi/dedicated/virtual server.
    I think the instructions are briefly because it expects you to be familliar with Solr.

    Solr itself is your seach server which you need for this plugin to do something.

  • Has this been updated to work with Solr 7?

  • For anyone who is upgrading their Solr instance to version 7 :

    My current configuration

    • Ubuntu server 16 LTS
    • Java 8
    • Apache Solr 7
    • Elgg 1.12
    • PHP 7

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