Solr Search v1.5

Release Notes

  • enables wildcard search with *
  • configurable search highlight wrappers
  • fix highlighting for wildcard searches
  • strip tags prior to indexing (reindex if you find html snippets in your highlighted results)
  • downgrade vroom to suggestion instead of required


  • Request for a next release: Make it optional to show results sorted by subtypes ? Then the search results will not discriminate on subtype and relevancy and/or time created prevails, similar to what google does.

  • The purpose of this plugin is to replace the core search hooks, so it can be dropped into any site that uses these hooks with no additional coding.

    Replacing the search UI in this plugin will make it less useful for users that have already customized their search UI (like the coldtrick advanced search plugin).  Search UI changes can and should be done in an additional plugin.

  • When extracting a file fails, because it is a picture for instance, the file will not be indexed at all.

    So if try {

    Fails, the normal index 


    should kick in.

  • Search result ranking can be improved in my opinion, giving time_created more weight, also tags should be boosted. And the number of times a search word is in the doc. I am not quite sure how SOLR is ranking yet, but I do notice when you have a large entity set, the results are not quite what you want.

    Don't get me wrong here, this is currently my favorite plugin and as you know I have worked all weekend to expand it's use by indexing webdav files.

    So I'll do some digging and if you want make some suggestions. Do you want that here or in github, or not at all :-)

  • Github please.  time_created isn't searched, so there's no way to give it more weight :)
    There is already an option to boost recent content, but a boost is just that, it doesn't actually make non-relevant stuff relevant, it makes less relevant stuff more relevant.

    I'm also not entirely sure of the internal workings of solr for how it determines relevancy, if you turn up a better way definetly please point it out.

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