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Redesigned landing page for elgg 1.8.x (developed from independence pro theme by SW Social Web)

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Pls no hard feelings before anyone complains read what i wrote here earlier ---http://community.elgg.org/discussion/view/1617297/termii-team-free-release-of-websites-web-service-plugin-html5-plugin-and-android-app-to-developers-on-elgg-community


We are starting from this, soon we would release other plugins especially android plugins and full app files...but for now we twicked this plugin to give it a beautiful view and we made sure it doesnt affect the inside of your site.

all credit goes to rjcalifornia and SW Social Web LLC

like he said earlier Everything is GPL so you are free to change anything.


tested on chrome and mozilla

emmanuel gbi

am an entrepreneur and web programmer, currently enrolled at Harvard University's edx programme; a code long hours and i love variety...


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