Twitter Bootswatch Themes v1.9.0

Release Notes

Updated Twitter Bootswatch after update of Twitter Bootstrap plugin.

You can now select a "theme" from, or build your own at

Installation instructions in the the README file.

  • Quick question:

    Did you fix the widget issue?

  • Hello,

    Bootswatch is cosmetic paint over Twitter Bootstrap that does the "structural" work. If there are issues in layout, they probably are in bootstrap. Bootswatch does not change the structure or layouts, just colors, fonts...

    Please help me investigate:

    • Confirm you have a Elgg 1.9 instance.
    • If you use just twitter_bootstrap (for Elgg 1.9), without bootswatch (disable it), do you have widgets, etc. properly laid out?
    • If yes, does that layout break when you add a bootswatch (for Elgg 1.9)? Which one(s)? (tell me the names of the bootswatches; I'll have a look.)


  • Middle of the night and I'm not sleeping. Just downloaded it. Can't wait to check it out... :)

  • I've got to sort out a few compatibility issues on my end but nice job. Would it be possible to put a setting in there so the user can select their own theme? Great job!

  • There is. Have a look at the Read Me, section Infinite Styles. Just head to, make your own style, save it, upload it in the folder I mention, and in the site's settings, select Bootswatchr as the bootswatch theme. You should see your very own style. I enclosed one I made just like that, it's pinkish, dark red, and curly fonts such as Pacifico. I also detail how you have to make sure your fonts get loaded.



Pierre M

Elgg developer. I made a special Pirat theme and a basic divelog module to log scuba dives and share them with friends. Contact me if you need them. Too shy to share everything publicly!

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