River Auto Update v1.8.2

Release Notes

Bug Fixed: no messing around with the delete and like buttons on the river!

  • I love this plugin, I am using it but SAD thing is when I enable other plugins like rivertalk or something then this plugin stops working..

    I want commenting system in my activity, for that I have to use other plugins but when I use other plugins then this plugin does not work. I hate in elgg this Wire system. Too much confusing users, why there is no simple acitity system like facebook and other social networking sites.

    In default users can not post comments etc in the acitivity page they have to go to wire page which is still not so impoved.

    Please help me, I want simple river plugin where users can post comment from the main activity page and also this plugin can work with that.

    Look forward to the help please :(

  • Use river addon (http://community.elgg.org/plugins/825625/2013.09.04/river-addon) to show the wire on the activity page. Then, wire posts are instantly shown on the activity page.

    To get rid of pagination and have "load more" option, go to rive update source code. Find \views\default\js\riverupdate\functions.php. In the updateRiver() function, find the three lines that start with ('#river_auto_update_activity') (lines 42-44) and comment them all out. Also, in start.php, set the REFRESH_RATE to 3000.

    You should get the functionality you want. Try it out and let me know if it worked.

  • Dear Hadi

    Many thanks for the useful reply, I did try what you said I removed those three lines start with #river_auto_update_activity' and also set up REFRESH_RATE to 3000. I even flushed the caches & run the upgrade but still I can see that pagination :(

    Please help me bro

  • There seems to be a plugin that overrides this plugin, most probably your theme. Move this plugin to the end of all plugins and see what happens!

  • Brilliant plugin, works flawlessly :) Recommended :)

  • Actually, no it doesnt, turned off display of activity such as 'display friend add's etc..' and it broke that, does not auto update either, only thing that works is auto scroll...

  • Good day, by chance someone from the community managed to fix that plugin or could help me to correct some mistakes?
    When any posting is made, the option disappears Like and comment, you must manually refresh the page to return Like option and comments.

  • Good day, no one in the community has an interest to update this plugin.
    Unfortunately my skills are not compatible. I would love to correct some mistakes, but I have no competence for this.
    I count on colcaboração of community friends.
    Good Sunday to all.

  • Because of this plugin many javascript function stopped working.

    because this plugin writes some script code even above the <doctype tag>  

    so this plugin is dangorous to use.

    It took me 1 full day to investigate this issue.




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