Tooltip Editor v1.0.1

Release Notes

Fixes a bug in the annotation permissions for tooltips - note that existing custom tooltips should be resaved to ensure correct permissions

Fixes the saving of a 0 value for tooltip delay

  • It's working for me in chrome.  It uses fancybox (the default lightbox in elgg) - if you have a plugin or something that modifies/replaces it that could be an issue.

  • ok, i know that the lightbox with tidypics is ok.. as is the one with menu_builder.

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    This is a great plugin, it can be difficult for new users to find their way around your site specially if they are new to social networking and Tooltip editor can go a long way to help them get familir with your site. I really like this plugin.

    But I have found a conflict with another plugin that I use, if you have Minify for elgg 1.8
     v.0.3 enabled on your site the tooltip stops working, the tooltip popup doesn't load it just refreshes the page.

    Also the front end tooltip message just pops up with lots of letters and numbers.

    Is there anyway I can fix this?

  • i am using minify with this.. and am not seeing that conflict..
    although i am still unable to edit the tooltips via lightbox in chromium.
    i tested with opera locally - and the lightboxes load ok there.

  • after further testing - i added a comment via opera and it all work ok in opera.
    however, the tooltip is not displayed in chromium.. so chromium is glitching with the plugin in general, not just the lightbox.

  • Thats strange, these two plugins definatley conflicts on my site, after enabling minify the tooltip popup displays random alpha numerical digits not the message saved. I've tried moving minify to the bottom of the plugins list but it made no diffrence.

  • I've not used minify, but the js included in this plugin is already minified so that's likely the problem.  I can't replicate any of these errors with any browsers so I think it's most likely a plugin conflict.

  • This plugin works great for me using FF28, IE11, and Chrome33 on Win7. I don't have minify installed yet.

  • Don't use minify and minify js yourself. Much more save and a one time job, so faster in the long run.

  • i'm using minify with many other plugins that contain already minified code - with no (known) problems so far. maybe i will stop using it at some point - for now though, i am using it.. i haven't tested the performance for a while, with it activated and with it deactivated.

  • I've disabled minify and everything is working smoothly.

  • Thanks for the confirmation, I figured that must be the problem.  I've seen reports of minify breaking already minified javascript in other plugins.

  • i just looked at this again and this time chromium is showing tooltips correctly.. with minify disabled.. not sure why this did not function correctly previously.. maybe there was a need for a cache flush.

    this is a great plugin, thanks.

    any tips on which file to edit to add in the extra features that are shown in the demos at the qtip website?

    a helpful enhancement would be to add a link/button in elgg to allow each user to enable/disable tooltips globally for them.

  • Glad you got it working!

    It's a bit of a complicated process, but additional settings would be welcome.  To add additional features it's quite a few places you'd need to change.

    The form view you'd need to add the input

    The menu hook you'd need to save that setting as a data-* attribute on the span

    The js view you'd need to read the data attribute and actually assign the setting

    Additionally it should be added to the plugin settings for a default value

  • ok thanks - i have many other things to code currently.. so i have no idea if i will get to this plugin.
    for reference - another issue is that the profile icon in the topbar still has it's title value (or whichever value it is) that interferes with the new tooltip.. most of the other buttons don't show the old title-tooltip when hovered over.

    also, a way to choose language strings would be necessary for multi-language sites.

  • Yes it is a very nice plugin.

    Anyway I have two point that may be improved:

    The plugin-setup doesn't remember the font size preset. So everytime you want to change a preset your have to take in mind that you have also set the font size. The value of 6px is too small.

    On the other hand the font-size works in the pop-up window so this should be easy to fix.

    The second point is that german umlautes aren't directly support in de pop-up window.  And inserting an 'ä' every time you need 'ä' is a bit complicated. May be there is a way to fix this.


  • i just found the cloudflare cdn file link that has been left in the qtip.php file.

    i downloaded this file and changed the link to it, so that i server that file locally.. which is a requirement of serving a full https page.

  • Thanks for letting me know about that ura, I wasn't aware there was a cloudflare cdn remote file.  Any chance you can turn that into a PR since you know exactly where it is?

    I'd rather have this be self-contained and be able to work offline

  • This is great, it's like the help function elgg needed. I have noticed however that when insert a media image, the link isn't passed to the editor. Anyone else experiencing this?

  • @ura - I deleted your first comment because your js dump was way too long

    when insert a media image, the link isn't passed to the editor

    I'm not sure I understand what you mean, can you elaborate?

  • Ok, well, the plugin works wonderfully. I think users greatly appreciate it (as do we).

    But my problem is, when the plugin is activated. The TinyMCE editor doesn't show any image when uploading via 'embed media'. I know it's strange, but it's what I'm experiencing. If if switch off this plugin the embedding of media is handled well. Otherwise, the editor doens't get the input from the media. Must be some kind of conflict? (Or maybe my elgg installation is going crazy haha)

  • That's strange, though not having ever used that function of tinymce I can't say I've noticed it.  If I get a chance to check it out I'll see if I can confirm it.  There's no reason this should have any effect on tinymce though, it's completely unrelated.

  • Confirmed - the issue is actually in the embed plugin (bad assumption in the javascript) but I have been able to modify this plugin to be compatible.  Fix is in the repo if you want to grab it.

  • Wonderful! Thanks for the quick fix :) Works great.

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