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Manage tooltips for any menu item

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Create consistent tooltips on any menu item throughout the elgg site based on the excellent qtip2 library:

If a menu item had a tooltip defined by default that will be used, but can be changed by an administrator using this tool.  Simply enable 'editor mode' by clicking the icon in the extras menu or on the admin dashboard.  All menu items will show a speech bubble icon beside them.  Clicking the speech bubble will open a lightbox with settings for the tooltip.

Sitewide default settings can be set on the plugin settings page.  Individual tooltips may have their own unique settings.

Settings include:

  • Tooltip Title
  • Tooltip Content
  • Tooltip position relative to the menu item
  • Tooltip pointer position
  • Font size
  • Tooltip delay (how long to wait before showing the tooltip)
  • Tooltip persistence (require click-to-close, or automatic when hover ends)

Tooltips can contain links/images/basic HTML

This brings a new level of easy-to-use UI to elgg.  Enjoy!

Development of this plugin was funded by Connecting Conservation

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