Release Notes

  • A hard-coded URL that avoided the correct operation of the plugin has been fix (thanks to @jondron)
  • Hi, i found your plugin some days ago and i immediatly saw its potential. I got very enthousiatic and enhanced the code. Now it can also export objects and annotations. My goal is to analyze the contributions people make to a community and the interaction between people. The value of someone's contribution might be calculated with some algorithm for example the number of documents he writes and the number of comments by others on these documents. This wil also show relations between people. After downloading the graph I have to pre-process it with Python Networkx and then import into Gephi. Im reading a lot on social networks analysis and terms like "Weighted Degree". Now im looking for some hint to go further. 

    If your interested we might work to gether. Im just an ICT guy and happen to be the technical admin of an Elgg community of church volunteers.

  • Could you post your enhancements?

  • I can post my enhancements on Github but i think its better to work together with @David Barrero. Im not a social analysis expert, so any expertise is welcomed. This plugin is just 20% of the total effort. I think i need some additional social network analysis code to process the data. The amount of graph data is just too much and too unspecific to be of any use in a viewer application like Gephi. It has to be reduced. Thats why im looking for a group of people cooperating on this matter see the discussion started.

  • Hi David

    I finally got round to working out why I was having problems importing groups into Gephi - some of the groups on our site have symbols like '&' and '"' in them. I'm not sure whether this might also affect user names (we have only alphanumeric characters in ours) but it would be worthwhile to at least encode the group names  using the PHP htmlentities function. I had to do a fair bit of manual editing of the gexf file to make it work.

    The good news is that, with over 400 groups and nearly 6000 users, it still works!


  • Yes, found the same problem. XML does not accept all charachters in elements as well as attributes. Another issue is special charachters called diacritics. That has to do with codepages. It can make some characters look funny. Im now working on how to model the graph to best match the Elgg data model

  • Hello,

    Go to "Administration utilities -> SNA4Elgg", create the graph by pressing the "Update" button, and after that download it through the link "Download graph".

    I have the elgg version 1.8.19 and your SNA4Elgg 1.1 version.

    If I click on "Update" button, no download link occured!?

    Can you help me?



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