• This is going to be immensely useful, thanks David - but there's a hard-coded link in export.php that needs to be fixed - the line containing... elgg_add_action_tokens_to_url("http://dev.novagob.org/action/sna4elgg/download")

    (maybe replace with elgg_get_site_url() or something along those lines?)


  • In case it helps I fixed it with:

    echo "<a href='" . elgg_add_action_tokens_to_url(elgg_get_site_url()."action/sna4elgg/download") . "'>Download graph (built: " . date("m/d/Y h:i",filemtime("/tmp/graph.gexf")) . ")</a>";

    Now it is working well with an elderly export of our site with about 3000 users and about 200 groups and I am loving the visualizations and statistics I got right away with Gephi. Will test it soon with real data (6000+ users and 400+ groups).

  • @David, Can U post a Screenshot  ? Please ?

    Thanks !

  • @jondron Thank you very much for your words and the bug fix. I have published a new release with your fix and some code clean up. Hope now it works smoothly and please, enjoy it :).

    @hallak Now there are three screenshots to show how the plugin and network visualization (with Gephi) look like. Gephi is a great tool that makes magic with networks.

  • Can the graph be imported back on to the website from gephi ?

  • Surbhi, this plugin is strictly to export data, so it is not possible to import the graph back.

  • Does this Plugin work for local host or the site requires to go live ?

  • The plugin accesses the database through the Elgg API, so as long as it is enabled in a Elgg site, it should work. Given that it might require quite a lot I/O, I do not recommend you to use it with a production site (however there should not be any problem).

  • @ david What do you mean by acessing the elgg API do I need something to make this plugin run other than the basic installations ?

    And I am also not able to get the download link next to the update link, can it be coz I am using this site on a local host and just have 4 users for testing ?


  • Surbhi, I am not sure if I understood your problem. The only thing you need to put the plugin working is a basic Elgg installation. Just install the plugin as usual and export the graph with Elgg admin interface. In order to visualize and handle the graph you need third-party software. I recommend you Gephi. The plugin should work with any number of users, four should be fine.

  • Is it a possiblity that the line in download.php , sys_get_temp_dir() is not working with mac , As PHP is known to have such a issue when used with OS?

  • I am getting the same error as Surbhi is. The download link does not appear. However, if I comment out the  "if (file_exists('/tmp/graph.gexf'))" statement in the export form, then the link appears (with an incorrect date (1970!), although the graph generated seems to be valid). I dont understand. How can the link work if the file does not exist?

    I had Elgg Developer Tools turned on, which I turned off, thinking it could be a problem with caching. But the link still does not appear. This is for v1.1, btw.

  • Hi @david, Im using the plugin its working for me and have added some code. Are you interested in further developing and thinking about the social graph conceptand finding useful applications? I have started a discussion thread on this subject.


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