Group Activity Plus v1.0

Release Notes

Only recently implemented and no major bugs reported so far but please tell me about any bugs, suggestions for improvements, etc. Note that it may give potentially inaccurate statistics where objects are inside containers inside groups - this may affect things like photos in photo albums, for example, which may not be counted in the group statistics for that object type because the tool only looks for objects with a container ID of the group.


Handle containers within containers consistently accurately.

Timelines for activity-per-member and group stats showing rate of posting, joining, etc (may take a while to get round to this, mainly due to performance concerns).

  • n.b. this is not compatible with river_addon (and possibly other plugins that auto refresh the river/activity)  as the group activity stream is auto refreshed with the wrong data in it.

  • Thanks @ura soul - I'm not sure what you mean by 'wrong data' means here  - do you just mean 'old' data (i.e. what was available at page load) or might it actually miss something altogether? 

  • the version of river addon i was using doesn't check the context of the current page before looking for a river list to refresh, so it was refreshing all river lists with the standard river information as would have appeared on the main river / activity page. so the group activity stream was being filled with activity from the whole site (and not being paginated)

  • Please upgrade this for Elgg 1.9.x

    If possible please:

    let Groups open in the activity tabs page
    let us have Entity tabs - Blog | Files etc - see
    instead of thumbnail, let upload a banner - crop and upload

  • Thanks @dranii and @ura soul

    @ura soul

    Thanks. Tricky to make that compatible, I fear - I suspect a plugin like that might cause problems for quite a few things that filter the activity stream.


    I like the idea of optionally opening a group on activities - in fact, it would be nice to be able to default to any group page, I think. Might be one for a different plugin, perhaps our groups_ux.

    The trouble with entity tabs is that many installations would have too many. I just used the standard Elgg activity dropdown for this (which is, oddly, available for site activity but not for group activity) which is not as instantly visible but that does the same thing. 

    I don't understand what you mean about a banner - please would you explain further?

    1.9 development is pencilled in but may be a few months away. We would of course be delighted if anyone wants to upgrade it - feel free to fork on github and make a pull request! I don't think it will be at all difficult to upgrade as it is not a complex plugin nor does it (intentionally) use deprecated code, but I just don't have time available right now.

  • i haven't looked at the code specifically, though i perceive that the solution will involve simply ensuring that the jquery selector that is used in river refreshing code does not apply to river-streams that have been customised beyond the standard. so that could be resolved by just adding a new class to the river in core - for standard river views - such as 'elgg-river-default' and then changing river_addon and other river refreshing plugins to only target elements with that class present.

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