Group notices v1.2

Release Notes

Fixes UI bug with TinyMCE, UI tweaks for clarity, optimized code for easier modification

  • Thanks for the quick update! Seem to work now.

  • Thanks Jon,


    It does what I need. I like the idea of having the notice background the colour of my choice to make it stand out.



  • Using Elgg 1.9.x and Group Tools 3.0, "Add group notices" option appears in the "Other options" tab. However this tab is not visible while Creating New Group (but only during Edit) . So notices cannot be set at the time of group creation.

  • Thanks @dranii

    I'd love to find a way around this - it affects several other plugins too, such as our own AU Subgroups as well as the group tools options. Because each plugin adds to the original view and thus adds its own submit button, this kind of makes sense: if they were submitted before the group itself has been saved, things would go horribly wrong.  But I'd love to find a way around this problem: once you add more than a couple of plugins that add to group tools (we have at least 6) it is very confusing and unfriendly. 


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