Group notices v1.1

Release Notes

UI fix: 

All notice forms and/or individual notice entry forms can now be shown with a mouse click. Fixes issue that the previous hover-over method made some TinyMCE buttons difficult to use.

  • Hi Jon,

    That's an excellent fix and it works perfectly.

    If you ever wanted to further refine it some day, I could suggest:

    Add the word (Click Here) after each button ie: "Default Notice (Click Here)" etc.

    and place the "All" button under the last form instead of at the top: ". . .  or show/hide all notice forms"

    A great addition!


  • Thanks for the fix, works fine now.

    An option to have the text below the group name & description instead of above it would be nice (i.e. having it look like the buttons below but bigger and with custom text).

    It also feels a bit alien to the site as it doesn't follow theme at all. Maybe the border and the text could pick up the site default colors automatically?

  • Actually... the tinymce controls still have issues. I cant select any formatting changes as that closes the editor view. I am using an updated extended_tinymce plugin though.

  • Thanks John and Krischan...

    Version 1.2 now available that I'm 99.9% sure fixes the UI problems with TinyMCE. Also adds the 'click here' notice John asks for, though I've left the 'show all' toggle button where it is for now.

    Other fixes to come when I have the time -

    For now I've made the default style with a transparent background, no border, no corners, so it will inherit the background wherever it is placed. I am not sure from where to pick up site styling as that may vary from component to component. Will investigate possibility to add it as a standard sidebar module, which may partly address that, and will include the option to add the notice below the group name etc in the next release.

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