Group notices v1.0

Release Notes


No known bugs but may not work nicely in all themes.


Allow admin to configure other custom contexts (e.g. pinboards, event calendar, photos, etc)

More configurability (e.g. colour picker, border type, etc)

  • Thanks moneya. There are indeed some bigger possibilities here!


  • Whats funny I have activated the plugin but nothing shows up

  • Soory I have found it....:)

  • buule,where did you find it? I also installed and can't find the tool...

  • @eliadrin, provided you've installed the plugin correctly, go to a group you've already created and click Edit. (This is the actual Group and not a topic within the group).

    The Edit page looks normal, but if you go right to the bottom of the Group/Profiles Tab and you'll find where this plugin slots in.

    I haven't used it yet, but please remember Jon Dron's comment above "This is a quick and simple plugin but it performs a useful function."

  • Sorry @eliadrin, that should read the "Other Options" tab

  • @jon Dron, This is an excellent contribution and thanks. I have found one problem however, but it may be unique to the instalation on my WAMP server.

    When I hover over an option (say default Notice) the text editor appears. I have to "carefully" move the mouse into the editor to retain focus. If I type a line, highlight it and try to select a colour for the text, I loose focus and the highlighting goes away. In other words, it's impossible to select coloured text and possibly other things. Can all the text areas be made to stay open, or can one stay locked until the item is saved (best)?

  • this is great, exactly what we needed to solve the issues he have with different group categories.

  • hmm the "hover over to display text input" is very messy. I cant even seem to properly select the right context as when moving the mouse down to input some text it switches the to next context most of the time. This is on Firefox.

  • Thanks all - @Krischan and @JohnK: I will fix the hover issue. It is indeed a bit awkward! For a very quick and dirty fix if you need it right away, just remove the 'display:none' line in the css.php file, then all the notice forms will remain visible for editing.  I'll use JQuery instead of pure CSS for the next release (coming soon).

  • @JohnK Thank you!!! now I see it :)

    Jon dorn great Add on thank you.


  • Version 1.1 now released - fixes the problem with hovering by allowing all forms to be shown/hidden by clicking a button and/or forms to be toggled individually. Thanks for the feedback!

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