Gutwa - Elgg Ads Management System v1.8.2

Release Notes

  • Added: Installation process
  • Added Missing Openx files
  • Gutwa plugin update

How to Install!    Read README.txt

Is Revive Adserver compatible with OpenX Source? Yes, Revive Adserver is the official successor of OpenX Source version 2.8.You can upgrade from OpenX Source to Revive Adserver, and retain all existing data about advertisers, campaigns, banners, websites and zones, including all of your existing statistics.

Please ONLY download Revive Adserver as a release package from theRevive Adserver website at

Final: Go to Paypal and create an account and update the elgg/gutwa setting with your Paypal ID E-mail and start testing your softwares.

Best of LUCK.

  • My brother Tom, want helps me, because I have difficulty to install your Gutwa plugin - Elgg Ads Management System heart Elgg 1.8.
    After having read README.txt, I am not completely to understand.
    Voic dawns it that seems difficult to me for the installation and the functionality of your plugin Elgg Ads Management System heart Elgg 1.8:
    1. how to configure Openx_files with gutwa so that that works well?
    The point that I succeeded that is the installation gutwa in the MOD index and I have PAYPAL account and I have fill all necessary information, but that doesn't always function because I don't know how to configure Openx_files.

    Comes to my help, for explained me Openx_files and Gutwa in order to configure together so that that works this foici and I have just downloaded also relive-adserver 3.0.5

  • Polycarpe MAKOMBO ,  Thanks for your concern.  At the moment I am extremely busy but the plugins are close to my heart. I am working on upgrading both Gutwa for elgg and openx plugin so that the admins will just have to install and two plugins and few setting and hit the road with just a few clicks.

    Thanks for giving this plugin a chance to see how it goes.

    I will keep you updated with the progress.



  • @  whitetornado , I am working two plugins and hope soon i can clear your issue. What version of elgg are you using Gutwa ads plugin for elgg?

  • @ #Tom Thank you very much for your answer, we wish you good work and ns in waiting sums.  
    Me I use Elgg 1.8 and I hope that your good plugin for the Gutwa announcements - Elgg Ads Management System will be easy to manage this time

  • Hai Tom. I am getting the following error while I used to click on create ad button.

    Fatal error: Call to a member function faultCode() on a non-object in /home/quickupi/public_html/mod/gutwa/vendors/ApiConf/api_conf.php on line 34

    Can you please help me in fixing this error?.....

  • @ sujith, can you post the code on. /home/quickupi/public_html/mod/gutwa/vendors/ApiConf/api_conf.php on line 34

    At this time I am away from my computer and Gutwa ads plugin code. I am responding to this post via cellphone.

    If I can see the code I can be able to help you fix it.


  • My brother Tom, I succeeded has install Relives Adserver and to configure in LOCALHOST, and I have activiter your GUTWA plugin, but I don't manage to make to function or to configure Relives Adserver in the plugin gutwa, SVP MY BROTHER TOM, help me 

  • @  Sujith and Polycarpe MAKOMBO, Try and download the Openx 2.8.10 from my Github account then after installation is complete then replace the files with Gutwa plugin download.

    This might make your work easier and reduce most of the error you are getting. I did test the code with openx-2.8.10 only and I am working to update the code to the latest revive ad server 3.0.X versions.

    Let me know how it goes

  • Hello My brother @ TOM, I have download openx by this tie: and I installed in my server while configuring with your GUTWA plugin while putting a few factor that you have us démandé in the paramètrage of the GUTWA plugin    
    The only thing that to remain I that is to put ADMIN PASSWORD OPENX and to USE ADMIN OPENX. If I put these elements and GUTWA will function without difficulty.    
    Please help me SVP.

  • @ Polycarpe MAKOMBO, I am working on a new version of this plugin for elgg 1.9 and Revive ( formally known as Openx) ad server plugin. Hope in coming days both plugins will be avalable and simple to install than the current plugins.

  • Thank you my brother @ TOM, GOOD WORK, WE are ALWAYS PATIENT.

  • Hello Tom,

    Any update for elgg1.11?
    I saw that this is useful plugin.


  • @Tom, Any plans to update this plugin for 2.3.x?


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