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Openx or Revive ad server and Elgg Ads plugin will help you to run independent Ad network and an opportunity for you to make more money. Elgg and Openx Ads Management System is just like facebook ad system

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Three steps to freedom!  Serve ads on desktop Sites, Serve ads on mobile sites and in apps, and  Serve pre-roll ads in video just like Youtube video ads.  This is how facebook and other major internet companies on Earth use Ads Management System just like Openx ad server to serve ads to their members and at the same time make money. Through the money these major companies are generating from ad management Systems, they are able to pay their workers well, able to cover their Hosting fees and  servers upgrade, and yes- pay taxes and last but not least ; free vacation time --  most CEOs can be able to travel to the most prestigious destinations on earth.

If you like this plugin consider donation. Donation link is on the right side of this webpage under project info or towards the bottom of mobile phone webpage. 

But surely there must be a way to create money by using elgg Engine! Let me remind you that There is, it’s just takes a bit of time to set up and run with it.

Ouch ~~~ In case you have been scratching your beautiful head on how Facebook ads system works, stop scratching your head for a second! Now you can manage your website ads just like facebook with a powerful tool for managing your Elgg site Ads, sponsored stories, Monitor likes, manage existing ads, click-through just to name a few.

Elgg Ads Plugin is a working prototype.  If need be, the community members can decide if they like this concept of having a better Elgg Ads system for Elgg engine and Revive Adserver formerly know as Openx ad server.

 How to Install!    Read README.txt in the downloaded file.

NOTE: I'm not affiliated with Elgg (Curverider) or Revive Adserver formerly know as Openx ad server. In order to make Elgg Ads Plugin a free download plugin for future releases to all elgg users , donations will be highly appreciated.

Revive Adserver was was formerly known as OpenX Source, Openads and phpAdsNew.

Please ONLY download Revive Adserver as a release package from the Revive Adserver website at

So if you like this plugin consider to make a donation by using the donation button on the right bar of this website:


"Do not reinvent the wheel"- Why use Openx ad server also called Revive Adserver instead of just using Elgg engine stand alone plugin to Serve and manange ads?  If you are asking yourself this question, you’re not alone. ... You know you don't want to reinvent the wheels because you might end up with flat tires and huge amount of time of debuging the codes ... Personally; I would recommend serious programmer to use the tools that work and incorporate them with the existing tools like Elgg engine.

Screen shots will be available soon: 


Call me the Guy who CLEANS ELGG FROM OUTSIDE ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ) I am Elgg enthusiast, Entrepreneur, Blogger, and Thinker. Just A Developer and loves the Web

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