Release Notes

Small changes to make the plugin full Elgg 1.9 compatible.

  • Hi,

    Nice feature! It works fine on Chromium, but not on Firefox (only got blank square)

  • It also should work with FIrefox  and other browsers. Recent versions will prefer HTML5 and work out of the box, older versions require a plugin for flash.

    It is not possible to test using two browsers actively trying to use the webcam. Only one program can have access to the webcam at once. Firefox and other browsers ask for permission to access the webcam. A small popup should appear on top of the screen.

  • After activating the Webcam plugin, the ordinary manual non-webcam upload does not work - the browse button disappears ( plain vanilla install of Elgg 1.9.4 with cache enabled). Please see picture untitledqw

    A suggestion : When 'Draw' and 'Identicon' are enabled it will be nice if the entire series is tabified :
    Webcam | Upload | URL | Draw | Identicon

  • @dranii, I tested it with 1.9.4 and I do have a browse button.See below

    My best guess is that a third party plugin is interfering with the webcam. Maybe identicon or Draw. Could you try and disable them and then test again.

    As regard to the suggestion, I do not use either of those plugins and the draw plugin is not 1.9 yet. I have no plans to integrate them.

  • Thanks Gerard. It is not Draw for sure. I made another plain and fresh install to test it. Choose File or Browse button is being seen without any problem.
    On a second test-run, I see it can be due to Identicon - needs more tests.

  • Great, I am glad it is working for you now.


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  • Updated: 2020-12-31
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