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Better webcam detection and error handling.

  • thanks - tested with firefox 28 + chromium 31 here.. (html5 mode)

    i notice that:

    • firefox doesn't make the 'click sound' when the webcam photo is taken, while chromium does.
    • 2 entries are made to the river when a webcam image is taken, uploaded and then cropped - instead of 1 single entry - as would be correct.

    other than that, the features are ok now here.

    i also noticed that another enhancement would be the option to store the images in a tidypics album, as facebook does - so that users can upload a selection of profile images and recall them at will.


  • FF does make the click sound over here. Even an older version 27.01

    Please make an issue in github of the double activity entry, so we won't forget.

    As to saving images to tidypics, allthough indeed a nice feature it would create a dependancy with another third party plugin. I am not very fond of that.



  • ok done.

    the tidypics album can just be an option. so that the plugin checks for an active tidypics installation when a new avatar image is created - the user can be presented with an option (maybe a checkbox or a lightbox) to add to their profile gallery. if tidypics is not installed, then the standard process would be used instead.

    so not a dependancy, just an option.

  • Plugin works not 100% because the webcam plugin works fine but cant upload pictures from local.

    Error code after enable plugin


    The file for the execution of the action avatar / upload was not found.


    if Webcam plugin disable works


  • Hmm, good question and I did look at the code, but that part is made by Brett (so it should work and does on my end). I only made the webcam part of this plugin.

    @Brett, could you answer this question please.


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  • Updated: 2020-12-31
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