Release Notes

* Combined repos to add HTML5 with Flash fallback.
* Fixed problem uploading files.
* Made the "snap" animation shorter.
* Checking for avatar data before submitting form.
Thanks to Brett Profitt for his work on the HTML5 part. HTML5 is now the default, if this cannot be detected, like in Internet Exploreren the flash version takes over.

  • just tested this in chromium 31 - linux/gnu..
    still the same 'image upload failed' message when uploading an image from hard drive.
    the webcam appears to be ok.

  • Ohhhhh I didn't realize this had been released yet. There were a few more things I wanted to test this evening!

  • @Brett Oh, sorry about that. I asked and you said "Yup". I did some testing and all major browsers work on the webcam part.

    @Ura, thanks for reporting. We probably need an update version. I don't have time now, I hope Brett can take a look.

  • @ura soul Uploading files from disk is using the same method as the core, so this should work or would not work either without the plugin. Can you check that, I have no chromium on linux. There are a number of possible reasons why it could fail, check your logs on the actual reason. It could be incompatible file type, size of the image etc.. Anyway, very unlikely related to this plugin.

  • i just tested again - it is ok now. i think i had both webcam and also 'better_avatars' activated simultaneously and didn't notice.

  • tested on the live site. i see: 'better_avatars:webcam_error'
    the two plugins have not been completely integrated together.

  • @Ura - Thanks for the bug reports, but you're using an outdated version. Please try the latest master on github and report bugs there instead of here. When we're ready, we'll make another release.


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  • Updated: 2020-12-31
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