• just tested this locally in chromium on linux mint debian edition.

    flash is a bit buggy here anyway.

    the webcam is not activated by the webcam plugin and when i press 'capture' i just see a white image.
    this may be an issue with the browser/flash here, however i am not sure how to resolve it currently.

  • I did not test it on a linux client. Only Windows.

    It must be flas player related. Do you have the latest version installed ?

  • flash version = from 28/2/2014

    lmde installs flash updates with the other updates - so that is likely the latest version, yes.


  • My problem is that when the photo is captured I can't click on save image this bottom is unavailable :(

  • @ura, can you use the webcam with other programs ? Here is a testsite http://www.testwebcam.com/

    Accessing a webcam with flash is just hooking into it in your code, I have no further control over type of devices or anything.

    @veitas, what browser are you using ?

  • By the way, I tested it with flash 11.7 and recommended a minimal version of 11.3 in the code. I use version 12.0 myself.

    The linux version of the player seems to be lagging behind quite a bit.

  • ..in firefox is working

    ..in Internet explorer the bottom don't appear

    ...in Google Crome the save bottom is unavailable

  • @veitias, oke I'll check but. first I need to get flash pro working again, I used a trial version when I created the webcam file and now it is expired :-(

  • as far as i am aware, adobe are stopping making flash for linux/gnu.. with 11.2 being the last version to be supported.

  • That is too bad Ura, but probably most of your users do not use linux as client.

    I finished testing different browsers. So far IE, FF and Safari work fine. Chrome has an issue if FF is also installed with the flash plugin. Then there are two flash players active in Chrome, causing the issue with not being able to push the send button.

    To solve this, disable pepflashplayer.dll in chrome://plugins. See details in the picture below

    flash issue with chrome

  • i am using gnu/linux and only recommend that os to others since i choose to support only free software. i am somewhat glad that adobe stopped supporting linux/gnu - since that will provide impetus to stop using flash and to use open standards instead.

  • For this kind of applications, flash is quite usefull. I do not know of any open source software to be able to create this kind of functionality. Do you ?

  • i was thinking of html5 - as shown on this page: http://www.kirupa.com/html5/accessing_your_webcam_in_html5.htm
    although that is only for recent versions of browsers, i am actively promoting browser upgrading on my site - to ensure that as many visitors as possible use the latest code and get the best experience. however, i just tested the html5 webcam demo on that page in my browser here and it didn't work for me.. 
    i did get your flash plugin to function in one of my many browsers.. though most didn't.
    regardless of what works now though, the open standards are the only model that i am willing to make use of - long term.

  • That is a good idea, I'll put it on the todo list. Probably last trouble with browsers and plugins and also no need for to use flash professional to maintain the swf code.


  • As another Linux user I second the HTML5 idea. It is also important to note that many mobile platforms that have a camera build in do not support flash either.

  • idd, flash is dead, it really is, they just don't realise it yet, or maybe they do, but they are not admitting.
    I never ever want to use technology in my website that depends on a plugin that the user has to download.

    I rather force em to use a modern browser instead.

  • I would like a similar plugin but slightly different insted of picture would like video let me know if you could devlop this further perhaps for a resonable fee .

  • @Tawhid, could you sent me the requirements in a PM and what you would consider a reasonable fee ? Thanks


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