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  • We do, but if you really hate Microsoft then improve the Google Drive plugin and show them Google is so much better.

  • Thanks YOU !


    I have this error when i try to log with Onedrive plugin :


    We're unable to complete your request

    Microsoft account is experiencing technical problems. Please try again later.


    I dont know what i have to write in Folder-ID. I need to find the folder-ID somewhere ? or i can write anything .. ?

    My client ID and secret are OK, i checked it.


    thanks for your help


  • Hi,

    To get the folder id it might be a little technical. I dont' provide a fancy folder id lookup. You can use this procedure:

    1. Enter  /me/skydrive to get to the root of your files.
    2. Then find the /folder.xxxxxxxx code by hovering over a folder (it is shown in the link)

    The Folder-ID determines what data to retrieve from Microsoft OneDrive. The Foldername is just to provide a display name as the root folder in the widget (you can give it any value you like).

    Also read

  • Thanks for your answer.


    I find it, but still the same probleme ... With onedrive my ID appear like it :


    I upgrade it on your format : folder.*********.*********!***


    I twrite : /me/skydrive/folder.*********.*********!*** and folder.*********.*********!*** on Folder-ID field, but still the problem.


    Maybe my probleme is an apach setting missing ? Or my account is on (and not on skydrive, the old version of onedrive). It's like i cant connect to my account with the widget ...


    Any idea :s?


    Thanks you

  • Ok perfect, i find the probleme.


    On my Onedrive account, i have to disable the url redirection.


    Now I see the login page. I login, then i have this error :


    Cannot get files and folders: {"code":"request_url_invalid", "message":"The URL contains the path 'elgg', which isn't supported."}


    Maybe my FOLDER-ID is not right :/

    On Onedrive i have a folder call "Public", in this folder i have 2 documents.

    On my FOLDER-ID i write : Public/folder.d48b015e958c9ed9.D48B015E958C9ED9!114

    I alse tried : me/Public/folder.d48b015e958c9ed9.D48B015E958C9ED9!114

    It's not right?

    Thanks for your help.

  • I find the problem :)


    In your code in file mlive.js line 172 you have :

    scope: "wl.signin"

    I replace your line with that : 

    scope: "wl.signin wl.skydrive wl.basic wl.skydrive_update wl.contacts_photos wl.contacts_skydrive",


    Now that work :)


    Thanks for this amazing plugin !

  • Try:

    • Folder-id: /folder.d48b015e958c9ed9.D48B015E958C9ED9!114
    • Folder name: Public
  • Hi,


    good news :)


    In the new version we will be able to share file with some user on the plugin ? Currently, the folder need to be in "Public" for use it with your plugin.



  • The sharing capabilities are not determined by this widget. OneDrive allows you to share with everybody "Public" or with specific persons or with groups. That is a OneDrive capability.

  • Hi :)

    ok, if i set the file for a groups (onedrive give me a link). But i cant set this link with the plugin because there are an authkey to specifie, and i cant set this variable in the plugin. It's possible to upgrade the plugin for that ? or we can't because its the OneDrive api doesn't allow it ?

  • The plugin is based on the api. The api requires a user to login with a microsoft live userid. Onedrive has also the capability to share folders and files using a public or more or less private link withoud a userid .but  this cannot be used with this plugin.

  • Ok thanks, and thanks you for this amazing plugin =d

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