HypeGallery Dutch Language Pack v1.0

  • Haha, and again I'm too late.
    Whenever I find 5 minutes freetime, I'm translating in Dutch, and here is it! Thanks Crossover Mag.

  • mm, I just looked at it.
    Was this done by google translate?

    Anyway, thanks a lot for your work, but there are some really strange scentences and words in your file, seems to be translated too litteraly and whitout much context.

    Much appreciated though, but do you mind if I use your languagefile and rewrite it to proper Dutch/Flemish (I'll do the admin as well then) and send it back to both you and Ismayil?

  • Dries: No worries on cleaning things up if you like. I was trying a number of different translation programs, and was hoping to get things in a kind of "short-and-sweet" to the point way of reading things.

    I look forward to seeing where the differences lay?

  • Here is mine, I'm sorry, I redid the complete translation because I don't really think there were much correct strings in it :)

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