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Provides geocompletion where the Elgg location fieldtype is used

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2.02.0 (7.2 kB)2015-Nov-19
1.122.0 (7.2 kB)2015-Nov-19
1.112.0 (7.2 kB)2015-Nov-19
1.102.0 (7.2 kB)2015-Nov-19
1.92.0 (7.2 kB)2015-Nov-19
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Lightweight jQuery Location autocomplete function

Adds a simple autocomplete function everywhere the default Elgg locationfield is used.

Start typing and locations will appear.

  • Works with profilemanager (location field)
  • Uses Google Places API
  • Uses Ubilabs Geocomplete
  • Attaches a hidden geo:lat and geo:lng field to use later on in an action


Graphic Designer, with a great Elgg hobby idea and working on this idea for too long now. Time to get it finished I think :)


  • Category: Third Party integrations
  • License: Expat (MIT) License
  • Updated: 2015-11-19
  • Downloads: 2404
  • Recommendations: 7

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