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hypeComments is part of the hypeJunction bundle: www.hypeJunction.com 

hypeComments  is a collection of modules that introduce real-time (ajaxed) interaction for Elgg's user interface.

hypeAlive covers the following:

1. River

  • Real-time updates to the river (new river items pushed into the loaded page without the need for page reloading)
  • Pagination replaced with real item loading of following river items

2. Comments / Likes (former hypeComments)

  • Introduces Comment / Like bar to River items, Content items, Group Discussions
  • Real-time updates of comments (new comments are pushed into the page without the need to reload)
  • Creates a real-time discussion effect (like in a chat room)
  • Introduces traverse commenting, where the users can comment on a comment. Unlimited depth of the comments tree
  • Notifications to content owners and all people participating in the discussion

3. Search (former hypeLiveSearch)

  • Introduces real-tie search suggestions in a search box



demo: www.hypeJunction.com

demo: www.quuiq.com



2.upload hypeComments plugin to mod directory and activate



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  • Updated: 1970-1-1
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