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v. 1.2.1:

fixed: multi-language support for access level logic

  • @ura soul: I recall you mentioned something about setting permission for the image loge to show.How do I achieve this?

  • if you are referring to the file permissions for the image that you intend to use as the default image, then that needs to be accessible to the internet, just as other similar graphics files need to be accessible. usually these will be set to 644, using unix / octal permission format.

    is that what you mean?

    if you show me the url that you are sharing, then i can look at what might be the issue.

  • Yes that is what part of what I mean. But the image am sharing is not shown on facebook page also.

  • as i wrote in the private message to you - you appear to have another plugin active that is inserting unnecessary metatags into the page headers. you need to either de-activate the other plugin (possible dynamic_seo) or possibly just move the positions of the 2 plugins in the list of plugins so that interconnected is above the other one in the list.

    when i shared that page that you sent me to facebook, i did see the correct image on the first sharing page in facebook, but then the image changed to an incorrect profile image once it was added to the facebook feed.

  • The image i'm using as default sharing image is set to 644 in my server. It is a png file ,so does it matter?

    I use metatags plugin to enhance SEO. I have repositioned it below interconnect plugin.

    How do I solved the error in the image to be shared on facebook as you also noted?

  • png files are fine, yes.

    the only advice i have as to why you are seeing the profile image instead of the image in facebook is to try disabling dynamic_seo and then using the facebook test harness to get a non cached version of the image. facebook caches the images that it grabs from other sites, so if you disable the other plugin and then test in the normal way with facebook, you may not be seeing the most current image that your site is truly offering via the opengraph metatags on your page.

    the facebook url tester is here:

  • Your advice to deactivate the metatag SEO plugin solved the issue of sharing. How do I use this  plugin for the purpose of SEO as it states or there any other SEO plugin that does not interfer.

  • what SEO optimisation do you require?

  • I need my site pages and contents to be properly indexed on search engines. That was why I used metatags before but it interferred with the interconnect plugin

  • this plugin provides input boxes via it's admin panel that allow you to choose keywords and configure the SEO aspects of the site to some extent. you can also edit the language file which contains the titles which will be used for many of the site's pages after activating this plugin. the overall effectiveness of your site on any given search engine is partially dependent on your own awareness of how to use keywords and content effectively on your site and partially dependent on several other factors. this plugin goes as far as i could practically go to provide some features that willl help all sites with their SEO process, but you need to know something of how SEO works to make the best use of it.
    i don't have any particularly great websites to recommend for SEO theory and i am not an SEO expert.. however, from my research, the features of this plugin will help SEO to some extent.

  • The interconnect social icons don't show on all pages except profile page. Running v1.10.2.


  • the view for the buttons needs to be added in an appropriate way to your site's theme. i didn't hard code this as i thought everyone would want to use the buttons in different places.
    i just add this to the file views/default/page/elements/sidebar.php:

    if ((!elgg_in_context('admin'))&&(!elgg_in_context('activity'))&&(!elgg_in_context('members'))&&(!elgg_in_context('messages'))&&(!elgg_in_context('reportedcontent'))&&(!elgg_in_context('settings'))&&(!elgg_in_context('suggested_friends'))&&(!elgg_in_context('suggested_friends_extended'))&&(!elgg_in_context('profile_edit')))
        echo elgg_view ('sidebar/interconnected');

    you can then edit the contexts that are listed to decide where the buttons will and will not be shown in the site.

  • I created a file(sidebar.php) following the path as you stated ,in the child-theme. Only the cde shows n the side bar.


  • Ok, I have solved the error. I didnt fix the php signs properly

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