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Release Notes

v. 1.2.1:

fixed: multi-language support for access level logic

  • I have uploaded th v1.2.1 and the code in the xmlns is already having "xmlns:og="" as boldened in the code below. Does it mean that no further changes should be made?

    <html xmlns="; xmlns:og="; xml:lang="<?php echo $lang; ?>" lang="<?php echo $lang; ?>" >

  • While filling the settings form, I fed the following information. Kindly confirm their correctness:




    I thought this sharing should be done by each user of my site and not my site generally. I mean a user who uploads a picture on my elgg site can share the picture on their own facebook or twitter handles.



  • if the html element appears on your site with the correct xmlns:og tag, then that is all that is needed. maybe you added that change when you were testing the plugin previously (months ago) and forgot?

    the urls that you have posted are not correct. you need to use the full 'absolute' path, so that would look something like:

    any user of the site can share items to external social networks - including guests. the site logos that you add into the admin settings for the plugin are only used when pages are shared from your site that are not attached to any particular site member - such as the homepage.

  • I could not share an elgg site's user profile on facebook or twitter.

    For facebook, when the share page appeared there was a balnk field with just "http://", and when share button was clicke the response was "post could not be found"

    For twitter, upon clicking share button the page was redirecting to the twitter login page. upon login , the page redirected to a page having the url of the elgg page to be share and then redirected to twitter user dashboard without sharing.

  • oh ok, i have not seen that behavior before and do not know immediately why that would be occurring.
    is your site online? and accessible to the rest of the internet?
    if so, maybe you can send me a url to look at and test?

  • i just tested on this page:
    i can successfully share to facebook and twitter, so not sure why you are seeing different behavior.
    maybe you are not logged in to facebook / twitter?

    the only issue i  see is that the logo graphics file is not being loaded.. this may either be because the file is not on your server - or because the permissions are not set correctly.

  • Eachtime I tried sharing, I was redirected to login and I did.I have not tried sharing via desktop PC ,I'm using mobile.

    How do I set the permission rightly or get the graphics(logos) on server? We the script/files not copied well to server?

  • are you using the mobilize plugin? i just tested your page with an online simulator and didn't see the sharing buttons at all.

    the graphics files do not need any special permissions, they only need to be the same as the rest of the elgg installation - usually that will meant that the files are owned by the webserver's user and group, with permissions similar to 750 for folders and 644 for files.

  • Yes! Am using mobilize plugin. The sharing buttons appear only on profile pages when I view on mobile.

  • i haven't tested with the mobilize plugin. i will look at that soon, since i want to improve my site's mobile style anyway.

  • i am testing mobilize 1.8 here. i see that mobilize totally over-writes many of the views in elgg - so the sidebar is removed and other elements are changed.

    interconnected adds sharing buttons to the sidebar for many pages (by defualt) so if you need to put the buttons somewhere else on the page, you would need to identify the view that will contain that buttons in their preferred location and then add the buttons to that view using php (as i have already done in the start.php file for interconnected).

    once i have successfully integrated mobilize with interconnected, i will release an upgrade to the plugin.
    i have other features to release too. i don't know when that will be, since i am quite busy here.. possibly within the next week.

  • Can I have your twitter handle to check how the sharing displayed?

  • the format is just the same as other twitter shares, except that the twitter handle is added at the end, with the format:

    ' via @twitter_handle'

  • I mean your twitter page where it was shared.send it to me.

  • @ural soul: it think the sharing works but my site logo is not do i correct this?

  • sharing to twitter will not produce an image, since twitter requires an explicit image link to be embedded in the tweet text for an image to be detected - and this would produce messy tweets that would not fit in with the way that twitter is commonly used.
    sharing to fb and google+ etc. will use an appropriate image from your site. if you share your own site's homepage to fb or google+, interconnected will use the image that you define in the interconnected 'admin' panel. that same image will be used on other pages if there is no better image available (for example, if there is no video or blog image available on a video or blog page).

    i just tested the sharing on your activity page and the image is being used correctly.. though the image you are using is a bit small, so it appears pixelated.
    if you want to share the homepage you will need to add the sharing button view from interconnected into your homepage's layout via php. i didn't auto-add the buttons onto homepages, since each site's homepage design is usually different.

  • The sharing buttons do not appear for pictures. How can I do this?

  • How can this plugin be used to enhance search engine presence after verfiying the site on google web master tool?

  • i have not optimised this plugin for google or any other specific search engine yet... mainly because i am so busy with other things. i did apply basic seo best practise when creating the plugin, so some issues are done for you by the plugin.
    you can use a tool like this one to analyse your site and change your page titles, keywords and other aspects so that your site is more search engine friendly:

  • I ran the analysis and the report states that the metatag keywords are just 3 i.e my "site name" and "profile". How can I add more words?

  • more keywords can be added via the admin settings page for this plugin - the keyword list field is about 75% down the page

  • I observed that a photo shared from my elgg site to facebook does not show on facebook page. Only the alternative avatar/image place holder appears on facebook.

  • what is the url of the page you are sharing?

    i have noticed that sometimes facebook doesn't grab the right image (even though they WILL get the right image when the same url is tested in the facebook opengraph test harness).

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