interconnected - social sharing & seo 1.8 v0.1.8

Release Notes

fixed: css/html layout issues

fixed: icons do not show correctly in firefox

added: gimp graphics file for icons

  • ah ok, yes - so this plugin will not function without an upgrade on your server.

  • Gerard Kanters stated that "interconnected" plugin overlaps with his metatags plugin. How can I sort this issue as I need the two on my site.

  • Overlaps in functionality, you can use this one. This plugin is based on my metatags plugin, it adds buttons for sharing. My plugin is just developing in a different way. So you don't need both.

  • this plugin actually has totally re-written code in it for sourcing and adding images and other data for sharing / seo purposes - in comparison to gerard's plugin (i wrote it from scratch and then took some small parts from gerard's one). gerard's plugin has some minor parts that this plugin does not have - such as counting how many friends a user has - and then adding that data to the metatags - his one also changes the page title, which mine doesn't.

  • @ Gerard and ura: I understand your points. I can not run ura's plugin at the moment because my PHP is 5.2.17 and requires upgrade to run that plugin. I have to use meta tags to achieve my aim while I upgrade to PHP5.5

  • My host is running PHP 5.3 at the moment and hopes to upgrade to 5.4 soon. Hope this plugin will work with php 5.3

  • as far as i am aware, you will need to use at least 5.4

ura soul

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