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Release Notes

fixed: php warnings for missing entity/data - removed isset keyword

enhanced: optimised png images

  • Congrats for the app. 
    The issue I fund is that your plugin's CSS can not override the theme's CSS.
    How can I use my own Facebook app ID for sharing community's items?
    Good luck with your projects!

  • which css elements of the theme are blocking this plugin's css elements?

    do you have a link i can view where the clashing is occurring?

    i think that to apply the facebook app id would require a different approach to the communication between the elgg site and the other social network - Oauth would be used. i did not use Oauth since the other option exists that does not require apps to be created. i am  not aware of any benefit to using Oauth here; do you know of any benefit that Oauth would add to this plugin?

  • The issue about the CSS, resolved. :)

  • I funt other issue, about the og meta as I used them in /my-theme/views/default/page/elements/head.php
    Each time I share via Facebook, all the data into the popup window is OK, but when is posted to Facebook is used the old og meta I used.
    About sharing to Facebook, I will take a look further and I will change your plugin's code. It must be more like adding the Facebook app ID into the sharing link.


  • i think you only need to remove the og tag from your head.php file - then the only one will be present on the page will be the one from this plugin.

    i did research the Oauth approach (that uses appIDs) and as i am recalling, the method involves a more complex approach than a simple url.. though i may be mistaken. if you let me know here of your findings about the apps and adding app support is of benefit to the plugin then i will do that.

    n.b. you may notice that the icons do not load in firefox with this version, i have a new version to upload.

  • I removed all that og tags form head.php , before notice you about it.
    About how to include the Facebook app ID is actually very easy:

    Edit the file "facebook.php":
    $vars['button'] = '<a target="_blank" href="[title]=' . $vars['item_title'] . '&p[summary]=' . $vars['description'] . '&p[url]=' . $vars['url'] . '&p[images][0]=' . $vars['icon_url'] . '"><div class="elgg-button-share elgg-button elgg-button-facebook">' . elgg_echo('interconnected:facebook') . '</div></a>';
    echo $vars['button'];
    return true;

    But you must include that into the plugin's admin configuration with a field where users could choose if they want to use a Facebook app ID or not.
    Also into the plugin's admin configuration, I think you must include the options that allows users to choose their social sharing services. In my case I manually remove Stumbleupon beacuse is not relevant for me.
    I will check now the new version.. :)


  • yes, adding a way to choose the buttons will come in a future release.

    i will also add the appid option.

    i am unclear here on what the benefit is of using a facebook app though - is it to provide a way to count and track the clicks/traffic?

  • The good part of the Facebook app ID is because each time when a user shares, in their Facebook wall it apperas like:
    FACEBOOK USER shared a link via FACEBOOK APP

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