interconnected - social sharing & seo 1.8 v0.1.3

Release Notes

v.0.1.3: fixed: conditional logic removed from metatags file.

  • oh, i forgot to mention that i found that i need to run upgrade after uploading this plugin to my site, flushing the cache was not enough.. if i don't run upgrade then the css is missing.. i have seen other plugins do that from time to time. i do not yet know the cause of that pattern.

  • Is their a way you can integrate this to work with Tidypics?

  • this plugin already does integrate with tidypics. tidypics objects are added to metatag fields and the sharing buttons should be appearing on tidypics pages.

  • Oh Now I see that... lol... But I get this message

    This item cannot be shared yet

    Only items with an access/privacy level of public and blogs that are published are accessible outside of the community



    The image is marked as public though

  • then that is possibly a bug.. i will look at the code again tomorrow.

  • is the album marked as public?

    which version of tidypics are you using? (and version of elgg and php too would help)

  • Tidypics 1.8.1beta7... Elgg version 1.8.15... Yea albums are public... I can see their share buttons on the albums page but each individual image won't show the share buttons

  • i tested this plugin only with the latest beta version of tidypics (beta12) and also with elgg 1.8.16-18

    so possibly upgrading may effect this.. though i am not clear on how.

    in any case, i have uploaded a new version which will resolve the issue gerard pointed to - the metatags were not being added for non-public items.. which technically is ok - except that they were being rendered empty instead of not at all. the latest version just adds metatags to all pages regardless - maybe that will help the tidypics glitch for you too.

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