Facebook Timeline Theme v1.8.15i

Release Notes

Some fixes

  • Hi when i install this plugin and delete file custom_index i try to edit settings for plugin and the page goes white...

  • @ Naptor, were you trying to edit the elgg timeline theme's plugin setting? When you activated the elgg timeline theme before editing it, did you have any issues or errors?

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  • Okay guys. I'm new to this style of site-construction... and it's definately been quite some time since i did any real coding (last foray was when QBasic was big and Visual Basic was a baby.... maybe a little 1st gen HTML) ... so i'm lost here. I just loaded up the timeline_theme to my site.. i have deactivated all plugins that were not default on for elgg (probably will deactivate those too one by one) .. but while the theme is absolutely beautiful, i'm having some issues (havn't even tried logging in yet) ... 

    Depreciated in 1.8: The profile/icon view was depreciated. use elgg_view_entity_icon()

    Depreciated in 1.8: get_metadate_for_entity() is depreciated by elgg_get_metadata()

    Invalid User (when i switch pages)

    as well as FATAL ERROR: Call to a member function getGUID() on a non-object in /home/######/public_html/elgg-mod/timeline_theme/views/default/timeline_theme/background.php on line 12


    now i understand that most of the depreciated messages are simply telling me that this version of Timeline_theme is not QUITE supported by 1.9 as of yet (is that correct)? I can live with those errors for now... but the issue with the change color button doing nothing, as well as the inability to change cover photos and invalid user error is quite bothersome.

    Any assistance would be beyond appreciated! PS i have to have this site up in the next 3 days... 2 of which i wont have net since i'll be driving ... so basically, tomorrow. If not.. oh well, but that's the goal ;)



    EDIT**: Logging out and back in returns ERROR: Bad Cache page.. clicking browser back button actually logs you in and allows you to see main page.

    EDIT**: refresh of browser and deletion of history now returns WSOD after entering user name and log in.. now locked out of my site... (would i be able to delete the theme from my file-manager and elgg would default?)

    question: Am i doing something wrong? lol (it's a strong possibility since i'm struggling to keep my head above water here)

  • Jambo ndugu @ TOM GUY
    Just you ask if you are going to put up to date your TIMELINEFACEBOOK plugin for the version elgg 1.9
    Thank you. Good service

  • @  Polycarpe MAKOMBO ,  I have been busy with family, work and school but  soon I will update this plugin to Elgg 1.9 and later Elgg versions. New version is in development processes and hope soon i can make it available for download. Thanks for your patience.

  • @  Viking Warrior, What version of the Elgg version are you using with Timeline facebook plugin for elgg? Thanks for reporting the issue, i will be working on it on the new versions of Timeline facebook plugin for elgg.


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