Facebook Timeline Theme v1.8.15g

  • New release for Elgg timeline theme is up for grab. The weather here is great. I can smell the freshness of the leaves and the sound of beautiful birds. I think it is another invitation for me to join nature and do outdoors exploration or walk. Have fun and enjoy each and every moment of your life. Test it and new suggestions or report of bugs is highly welcome.

  • Maybe a small correction in the additional install instructions necessary?

    In case you want to remove any profile fields don't remove them via the Profile Manager plugin settings but disable them via the Celebrations plugin settings.


  • @ iionly , thanks for the input. Also, feel welcome to be part of contributors. It takes more than one to create internet. Thanks :)

  • timeline theme with animate icons for elgg



  • @ v06 , Thanks for your input. I have added your recommedation  on github Code repository https://github.com/Twizanex/timeline_theme

  • Hi tom.


    would it be posible if i make this the main page and just remove activities module?will it be able to stand alone?



  • Hi Tom, i installed Timeline and this error message s showing

    Conflicts Plugin: custom_index any 1.8


    I am new to Elgg. I have searchd a for custom_index plugin and also Profile Manager plugin and found this one http://community.elgg.org/plugins/385114/7.6.1/profile-manager 

    Will this profile manager above solve the deficiency above re custom_index ???

    Know you are out enjoying nature, would appreciate any assistance you can offer. Here in Canada we ar still in the dead of winter. Spring failed to load on March 21 as expected. -6c today here in Nova Scotiia.

    Thank You

  • PaulBKemp, I like the spring weather here and I don't know how I would survive -6 degrees Celsius!  If you go to your //:www.yourwebsiteaddress/admin/plugins and check on your plugin list, Plugin called custom_index should be number three of four from the top of all of your plugins. Deactivate it and then activate timeline_theme for elgg.  And with the profile manager, you should not worry about it at the moment. Elgg timeline can work with or without profile-manager.  Try it and if you run into any trouble feel free to leave a comment.


  • Hi Tom thank you for such a quick reply to my query. I did as instructed and the timeline_theme loaded without any error mssages. However when I attempted to add a cover photo it seemed to upload the photo but I only get a default image "not found icon" where the photo should be. The URL of the icon image shows as http://soulofurantiainfo.powweb.com/SFN/pg/timeline_theme/getbackground?id=33

    Do I need to edit a file? Their is no folder /SFN/pg/  in the SFN directory where Elgg is installed nor is their a /pg/ directory in the Mod/timeline_theme/ directory. Also if  need to edit paths can I do this safely with Microsoft Expression Web using ftp to upload modify and repost the file. This is the program I have used so far to upload the mods to date but I have only been transfering folders and files without any edits. The url of my new Spiritual Family Network mainpage is at http://SoulofUrantia.info 

    Any further assistance would be truly appreciated. I am attemptng to create an advertisement free social network where people from around the world can gather and discuss planetary facts, needs and goals without the streaming advertisments of the mainstream options. I already have a forum at http://SoulOfUrantia.org but ths type of phpBB3 is not as attractive for social interaction as the Elgg platform. Elgg has created a truly valuable and necessary communication platform for todays citizens worldwide. While God needs to be loved to be known people actually need to be known to be loved. Peace can only come through friendships and to love someone you must actually know them. The Elgg comunity is a living demonstraton of these growing and living relationships. Especially are these new platforms neccesary since this world is now quivering on the very brink of one of its most amazing and enthralling epochs of social readjustment, moral quickening, and spiritual enlightenment..

  • @ PaulBKemp, I tried to load your page and the website was not loading as expected.  For example, Your site fails to load some css properly. I might nee to know the elgg version you are using and start from there.


    I will look into your concern once i finish one of the exams starting in a few minutes from now.


  • Hi Tom, I am using 

    Elgg version : Release - 1.8.18, Version - 2014110100

    I had timeline_theme up and running well  except that when a user logged out it reverted back to a twizanex log in page so anyone not logged in would not see the site. I attempted to fix this and crashed the whole thing. I went to the advanced settings and changed the install directory path to include /index.php which I discovered later was the twizanex log in page it went to after logging out. The whole thing crashed and my browser reported too many redirects can't load the page. I did not know what file to open and try and change the advanced settings back. After three attempts of deleting the whole site and a reinstall of Elgg I have at last put Elgg back up and running. However now when I activate timeline_theme nothing seems to change. I have not loaded and installed tidypics yet and was wondering if timeline_theme required it.

  • @PaulBKemp , I tried to load your site and seem to work well except the search bar located on the right sidebar which is not loaded properly. Make sure the timeline is at the bottom of all your plugins.

    Elgg timeline should not give your site problems unless there are other plugins that conflict with it that i am not aware of.

    Once I get time I will look into the issues.


  • Hi Tom, I was able to reload everything and it seems to all be working. I registered a new domain name so it is http://www.SpiritualFamily.net is the index page loading the site.  You know the program better than anyone so if you could look it over I would appreciate it.

    I still have the problem that people not logged in cannot see the site only the TwizaNex index page at http://www.spiritualfamily.net/SFN/

    If you can help me rectify this so people who are not members can see the site I would appreciate it very much. I love the way  you made it compatible with the many mainstream platforms out their. People are slow to change their habits and this overcomes a lot of the resistance to trying new platforms for social interactions. I am not going to touch anything until I hear back from you.

    Hope you aced your exams and thank you for your kind assistance.  

  • @ PaulBKemp , I have been busy, how is it going. Are you still have the same issues with logging in ?

  • Hi Tom, thank you for your continued interest. Most of my queries I answered myself as I became more familiar with the software. I am still having a bit of trouble with changing the menu listings. They seem to appear changed to people not logged in but when logged in they remain the same as they were when I first set up the program before installing timeline_theme. Overall though  am really impressed with the timeline_theme and the members seemed pleased as well at http://www.spiritualfamily.net/SFN/pages/all

    I hope you continue to work with this theme as I believe it will become one of the most popular. 

    As I use the software I will keep notes on feature suggestons and send you an email with my feedback and suggestions for additions.

    One question I have now though; is there a way to modify the images and links of the three thumbs you have in the top menu? A menu item to do this would add real flexability for those who are not programmers and coders.


  • Tom another question is, I created two groups and their is an empty timeline_theme  Banner Cover Page but ther are no Green Change Cover buttons for changing the image. Here is one of the Group Pages. http://www.spiritualfamily.net/SFN/pages/view/629/rodan-of-alexandria


  • Was it just me, or do I still get the old wire instead of the supposed timeline?



    Also, can this be integrated with the Facebook theme? The reason why I'm doing this is I'm making a parody of Facebook, and the only thing missing atm is a timeline.

  • @ paulBkemp, thanks for your input. Next version is being worked on. Hope to include your requests. Keep in touch.

    @ pie, I have not tested it with facebook theme yet. Hope when I get I can look into your request. Thanks for your input.

    Last but not least :  "

    Do something wonderful, people may imitate it."     -- Albert Schweitzer 

    Commentposted using a cellphone.

  • I love this plugin is GREAT.

    But I think need to improve more, I tested it but everywhere it shows the cover.

    Cover should show only when user goes to profile page. But for me it was showing even in activity page everywhere...

    Hope in future you will have more changes, would love to see the next updated versio so that I can use it.


  • @  kisssssss4ever, welcome back and thanks for your input. Next timeline theme release will consider your request. 

    Comment post by cellpnone.

  • I have been busy with day to day chores, work, family and yes classes. In a few days from now, the new elgg timeline theme release will be available for download. For those who are using Elgg timeline, the new version for elgg timeline will be available for download in a few days from now.

    Best wishes as we look forward to the day of release.



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