Facebook Timeline Theme v1.8.15e

Release Notes


  • Now the Elgg user's  profile page and other pages can be navigated with less headache. Download it and enjoy the power of elgg engine


  • Enable elgg users to upload their own banners
  • Add more site menu  for logged out users to accomodate more plugins
  • Enable elgg users and admin to be able to set up their own social network links
  • search box for logedin users
  • Enable featured items to be on the lower part of the banner
  • Add more features and make it more user friendly

Enhancements and Feature requests:

  • Improve more functionalities and design

If any one want to contribute to this project feel free to leave a comment here or report the issues on https://github.com/Twizanex/timeline_theme

  • The new release for Timeline theme for Elgg is up for download. It is a nice day and the temperature is promising. Let me go out and have fun just like everybody else. Enjoy the power of elgg engine and theming capabilities...

  • @ masoud , Thanks for your input. The "search box" that you had requested  is now working and is located in a convenient place for the site users and hope it is user friendly too LOL. Test the Timeline theme and let me know how it goes. Best wishes.

  • I Download And Tested.
    Search Box is fully worked.
    I Have One question:
    How To Show More Menu For Logid In User And Quest?

  • @ masoud , I will include that in the next release. Thanks for your suggestion.

  • Cannot see latest user activity on profile page
    Cannot drag widgets to any position - they seemed to be stacked only on right side
    Is it compatible with ishouvik_profile - seems NO

    It will be good if an input box (tabbed input form for status, blog, etc like the facebook theme plugin for elgg) be added to this theme

    Main problem - uploaded image is supposed to be visible only on my profile and possibly my blog but it is visible for me on all  pages like /elgg/blog/all etc
    Uploaded image does not straightaway show - image is uploaded - then one has tro select the radiobutton

    It will be extremely good, aesthetic and RESPONSIVE theme if its built on top of hypetheme and facebook theme for elgg
    Hypetheme - most aesthetic and responsive theme
    Facebook theme - provides multiinput box on profile page and river page
    Your timeline theme - easy oneclick uploald of image, chosen by user, to show on profile page and user's own blog page

    It will be good idea to allow user to upload image on his own and remove the multiple images presented to him by default.

  • I love what your latest update offers. I recently configured things to work smoothly, until I found what may be a big issue for me. When looking through some Photo Albums, I encountered a fatal error, which caused my database to crash. I am using the HypeFramework / HypeGallery packages, instead of TidyPics. Are their any known issues with your Timeline_Theme and the Hype Systems?

    Also... What kind of track record does TidyPics have with your Timeline_Theme?

    Thanks again for your solid work.

  •                                                                               I was very surprised
                                  It is very beautiful and different and also represents power Flexibility elgg engine


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  • Category: Themes
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2016-1-5
  • Downloads: 14853
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