Facebook Timeline Theme v1.8.15d

Release Notes


  • Now the Elgg user's  Timeline works fine. See the picture bellow for more detailes


  • Enable elgg users to upload their own banners
  • Add more site menu  for logged out users to accomodate more plugins
  • Enable elgg users and admin to be able to set up their own social network links
  • search box for logedin users
  • Enable featured items to be on the lower part of the banner

Enhancements and Feature requests:

  • Improve more functionalities and design

If any one want to contribute to this project feel free to leave a comment here or report the issues on https://github.com/Twizanex/timeline_theme

  • New release for Timeline theme for elgg is up for grab. It is getting cold here-- The temperature is 16 degrees Fahrenheit that is like -(Negative) 8.9 celsius. Stay warm and enjoy the power of elgg engine.Twizanex timeline

  • All seem to be working, except the Timeline "Cover" image. When ANY profile launches, it has a blank box, but after a second of two, it disappears. If I reload the page, and force-stop when the keylines for the image size appear, I have a small broken icon in the top-left. Yet I still can see no way to edit, change or add an image of my own. Am I missing something somewhere?

  • @ Crossover Magazine , when you log in to your site, can you see on top of the small black topbar on the right top bar Dashboard, Change Banner,  Settings,  Log out.

    Click on  Change Banner then when you see a page with 3 paragraphs, click on the timeline and select any theme that you might want or upload your own and then click Save. From there you should be ok with your cover photo. Next release with make it easier to change the cover photo.

    Let me know how it goes...




  • Hi ,


    I , at moment, use the Timeline_theme Version 1.8.15b . To change for 1.8.15d , I can keep my current language translated ? And more ... The changes I made in the index and the theme files, can be maintained without overwrite them?


    Thank You !

  • Tom, Sorry but I can not see any difference in the versions mentioned above.


    Twizanex timeline


    I can not see the options as you marked in your picture:


    October 2013

    January 2014

    etc ...


    Thanks !

  • @juniorhallak, for the moment, the timeline theme for elgg works with blogs and groups. If you install the timeline theme version 1.8.15d, and if your site has blogs or groups plugin enabled, if you go to the users page or profile, the timeline should be shown according to the picture above. --- comment posted from a cellphone.

  • Hey Tom

    First off, I want to say a BIG "Thank you" for all of your work you have and still are putting into this theme! It's very nice and I know my community members once it's out there will love it! I agree with Crossover Magazine on the "Change banner" not working, when you click this button it just takes you to the theme editor where you can change the background of your timeline (image) or your colors. Doesn't excecute the command to chage the actual cover photo. I am NOT a coder by any means but have been trying to help by looking for an obvious answer somewhere in the files. Any idea how long before you can fix this? Really need it working and then I'm launching to my friends! Thanks again man, and I'm looking forward to your future ads release and all! Keep up the great work!

  • Also having an issue testing the "sign up" button from the index page. inspected the element and says there is an ajax issue. Trying to help man LOL

  • sign up won't excute I should have added

  • Ok, disregard ajax comment, noticed in the script the comment LOL

  • @Ironutz, on the question about how to change the cover photo on timeline theme for elgg, once you are on the page that explanes how and benefits of changing your css and cover photo, look on the right side of the page and click a link called timeline. Then, select or apload your own cover photo. And finally click save. That is it... more features for timeline theme for elgg are coming. Thanks for your input. If still running into problems let me know. --- comment from a cellphone.

  • Oh wow..I haven't even seen that page, only seen the "change banner" on the profile. Am I possibly missing some items or something? LOL.  I can get to change css, and timeline background..but havent seen the "benefits" page you describe...Looks like an awesome theme though and looking forward to getting it up and running! Thanks for the reply

  • Hey Tom, I see what was happening now..when I upload a photo is fills my background with the same image over and over, but once I saved it, it became my cover photo! :) next question..how do I fix the registration problem on the main login page? It and the register link does nothing and I disabled all plugins to see if that was it! Thanks man!

  • All good friend..I am fresh installing LOL

  • I must have had something crazy going on in the database or something, all is well now Tom, thanks again for all of your hard work and support! Any idea when your "Ads" plugin is coming out buddy?

  • @ Ironutz, I see what was happening now..when I upload a photo is fills my background with the same image over and over, but once I saved it, it became my cover photo! :)

    Then next timeline theme for elgg release will address this issues. No more worries. :)  Nice to hear that it worked for you.

  • @ Ironutz, On the next question about the  Ads plugins, I have been extremely bussy with family, work, and school for the last four months. The elgg ads plugins are working ok but I am still testing the Elgg Ads advanced delivery systems  and should be done testing soon.

  • sorry, because not stop copying to facebook and do something more innovative

  • Very nice. Keep up the good work! Thank you!

    Pitty I can not use it because it is not compatible with widget manager custom index....

  • @Selen,Thanks for your compliment. I will look into the widget manager custom index compatibility issue when i get time. Thanks.

  • @ mariano , Este tema cronograma para Elgg es sólo un punto de partida. No estamos tratando de clonar facebook o hacer que todo parezca como facebook. De hecho, si yo quería crear un facebook línea de tiempo, voy a necesitar sólo unas pocas horas en una habitación tranquila y un poco de refresco y una agradable música de fondo. Luego, en unas pocas horas, el tema de facebook línea de tiempo estará listo. De todos modos, estamos simplemente jugando con los códigos de Elgg y mostrar lo que es Posible, con motor de Elgg.

    Tema Cronograma para Elgg es sólo un ejemplo sencillo que answeres algunas preguntas básicas a los usuarios sobre lo que Elgg Elgg es capaz de hacer. Perdona mi español americano ..

    Actually this is what i ment to say: The timeline theme for elgg is just a starting point. We are not trying to clone facebook or make everything look like facebook. In fact, If i wanted to create a facebook timeline, i will need just a few hours in a quite room or (absolutely silent) and some soft drink and needless to say a nice soft background music. Then in a few hours, the facebook timeline will be ready. Anyway, I had a few hours and found mayself infront of my white screen and  typing on my keyboard and after one or two hours, the timeline theme for elgg was complete.  It is fun to see how elgg engine works. You can make anything with elgg engine except a rocket to planet  Kepler-19D.

    Timeline theme for elgg is just a simple example that answeres some of the basic questions to most old, new, and future elgg users about what elgg engine can do..

  • hola tom, no es que este encontra de tu plugin ni en contra de usted, solo creo que falta innovar, como por ejemplo un api para juegos, algo parecido a unity, un chat mas innovador que el de facebook y mucho mas. necesitamos todo esto si no date un vistaso por oxwall y su chat. 

  • yo siempre voy a insistir que a esta comunidad le hace falta salas de chat para que los desarrolladores puedan intercambiar ideas en tiempo real y no actualizar la pagina cada 5 segundos como en este momento estoy haciendo para ver si me respondes.

  • hey @tom , Thanks Firt for your reply .. I'm with the plugins Groups  1.8 and Blog enabled on the my Elgg and using the timeline_theme but , the problems is the same.

    Can be my PHP version? Actualy i'm using the PHP 5.2.7 . can be ?


    Thanks Again !



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