Facebook Timeline Theme v1.8.15b

Release Notes


Now the Elgg users can upload their own cover photo and change the CSS of their page- Let your users be creative and have fun.



  • Enable elgg users to upload their own banners
  • search box for logedin users and more menu to accomodate more plugins
  • Enable elgg users and admin to be able to set up their own social network links
  • Enable featured items to be on the lower part of the banner
  • Improve more functionalities and design


If any one want to contribute to this project feel free to leave a comment here or report the issues on https://github.com/Twizanex/timeline_theme


  • The new release for timeline theme for elgg is up for grab. Happy new year!

  • @ masoud , Thanks.  More features for Timeline theme for elgg comming soon. One day at a time :)

  • @ masoud ,  you are welcome. Hope to include  your request in the next release of Timeline theme for elgg.

  • Very nice theme :) but i one thing i don't like which is nothing really to do with the theme but the default home bit like the login, maybe if it was something similar to fb so we don't have all the default stuff like activity etc, other than that brilliant theme, keep up the good work :D

  • @ craigibhoy , more changes are on the way for timeline theme for elgg. We will have more options for Timeline theme for elgg so that the theme can serve diffrent  admin's and elgg user's needs. Thanks for your suggestion.

  • this theme is a bit buggy, cover photo's URL is set to


    and there's no link to upload cover photo

  • @ [cim], Thanks for reporting your concern. I have not tested timeline theme for elgg with a localhost servers. However, I did test it with live testing online server.

    You are right - the theme is a little bit buggy and hope to clean it up and improve more features in the future releases.

    When you activate the timeline theme, the link to upload cover photo is on the top bar menu next to settings or dashboard link. The link to upload cover photo for timeline theme for elgg is called Change Banner  then, click on the Timeline link on your right in the site content or body section.

    Test it and feel free to contribute or report the bugs.


  • How can i change the urls for the social buttons?

    also is there a way to add the search bar to topbar?



  • @ Fan of Money   , the next release of timeline theme for elgg will fix or  include your requests. Thanks for for your time and input.

  • @ Fan of Money, very busy but i am still working on timeline theme for elgg ... meanwhile, you can have a look at the Timeline theme for elgg code. Hope to finish most of the new features soon. As the greatest noble minds said,  You can't cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water.~Rabindranath Tagore.

  • The cover photo is supposed to be present only on the profile page of an user, but it shows up in all pages. Also other users cannot see the cover photo one user has uploaded.

    Is there a way to just have the cover-photo for profile page for any theme - that will make it more popular?

    Do you have a demo link please?

  • @ kanha , Thanks for our input. Which version of elgg are you using with timeline theme for elgg? Have you saved the setting for the timeline theme for elgg in the your site admin timeline theme setting page? 

    I am very busy at the moment but will try to reproduce your concern when i get time.

    For now I think every user can upload their own cover photo and if the don't have one the cover photo does not show in ther pages. More changes are on the way and more new features.

    Let me know about your findings.


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