Release Notes

  • added: german translation
  • changed: newsletter entity is now passed on to the templates hook
  • It show blank page whenever I click on it, help

  • @WiseBlog Elgg version you use? Version of the Newsletter plugin you installed? Whitescreen exactly when? More info seems necessary to understand what your problem is.

  • I am using Elgg Version 2.3 and also use 2.3 version of Newsletter.
    Anytime I click on anything concerning Newsletter, it shows white screen.

  • I guess you mean version 4.1 of the plugin (as the comment page here is for version 4.1 and that's the latest version for Elgg 2.3, too). Not sure what the problem might be then (I just thought you might try with an older version on Elgg 3). Had you an older version of the Newsletter plugin installed before using version 4.1? If yes and you just copied the new version over the old Newsletter plugin folder it might help to do the following: deactivate the plugin, then remove the newsletter folder from the mod directory, then install the new Newsletter version's folder and then reactivate the plugin. It might help if some obsolete files remained from the old version no longer present in the new version. Apart from that I have no further ideas.

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